Talk to the QlikView BI experts, our team of business intelligence consultants have many years of experience in delivering QlikView services in Australia and are passionate about the value QlikView can bring to your organisation.

"Café managers are trained to achieve productivities. QlikView helps them achieve this by analysing what’s happening. It allows us to really break the data down and look at productivity and skills at an hourly level."

Information & Technology Manager, Dome Coffee

QlikView services

Professional Advantage are an End-to-End QlikView Solution Provider Offering Services, including:

  • Requirements gathering and scoping for your QlikView Project
  • QlikView training
  • Post installation QlikView support
  • QlikView Development & EOM products
  • Integration between QlikView and other business systems

Are these your challenges?

undefined I have multiple sources of data
undefined Report changes require help from the IT department
undefined Our reporting process takes too long
undefined I am not so confident our data is accurate
undefined We have lots of data but don't know where to start

This is how we can help

undefined  Analyse data from multiple sources without data warehousing
undefined  Empower users to ask and discover their own data
undefined  Quickly turnaround data insights to make timely decisions
undefined  Ensure data consistency with commonly defined data sources
undefined  Create data visualisations to identify and explore possibilities

QlikView Key Features

The QlikView consultants and solutions architects at Professional Advantage have collectively more than 90 years of experience in delivering BI solutions including QlikView across many industries, such as Financial Services, Utilities, Entertainment & Licenced Clubs to name a few. Backed up by our industry leading expertise in best of breed business systems, Professional Advantage has
an enviable reputation in delivering successful reporting and analytics solutions built on QlikView, on time and on budget.



Data Visualisation

Data Visualisation

QlikView Dashboards

QlikView Dashboards



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Free your Reporting
With QlikView you can now break free from the canned approach to business reporting and data analysis. QlikView supports deeper levels of business insight by consolidating and linking data from multiple sources and exposing users to wider and more relevant data sets. QlikView delivers unrestricted analysis of application data, empowering you to access the right information when you need it.

QlikView offers powerful functionality in the management of Big Data. Whether it’s in the form of structured data (quantitative data that can sit neatly within a relational database) or unstructured data (data that does not fit into a database), QlikView enables you to access, manage and analyse huge volumes of data that your organisation has accumulated from multiple sources and over long periods of time. By providing powerful analytics and deeper meaning to data, QlikView ably complements the functionality on offer from today’s Big Data solution vendors.

Leverage your Existing Investment
With a user interface that is simple, clean and straightforward, QlikView can sit seamlessly within your existing IT infrastructure. More than 25,000 organisations worldwide are using QlikView to make new discoveries and drive improved business performance. With QlikView you will gain a greatly enhanced understanding of your business by:

  • Identifying and exploring associations within your data.
  • Using a single application to consolidate data from multiple sources.
  • Enhancing collaboration across users, business units and external groups.
  • Visualising your data with vibrant, easy to decipher graphics Interacting with powerful and dynamic apps, analytics and dashboards.
  • Capturing and exploring data from a variety of mobile devices.

Test Drive QlikView on your Own Data

With SiB (Seeing-is-Believing) you can test drive QlikView and experience the power with your own business data. See for yourself and drill into information like never before!

Professional Advantage has enormous expertise and experience in the deployment, development and maintenance of QlikView. So if you are looking for a QlikView partner who can offer you quality support and the expertise of skilled consultants in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane or Perth, Professional Advantage has the local presence to help. Call us today on 1800 126 499 or talk to an Expert QlikView Support now.

Leverage your existing investment

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