In our experience, most IT modernisation is triggered when data centre contracts are about to expire, major software and hardware refresh or security threats are looming, software support is about to end, or there is regulatory compliance that needs to be met. However, when you rely on on-premises IT environments, addressing these triggers can be challenging, costly, complex, or time consuming.

Migrating to the Microsoft Azure cloud platform can help you solve and simplify these challenges.

Microsoft defines Azure as a flexible and open cloud platform that enables organisations to quickly build, deploy, and manage applications in its data centres. It has various workloads to address your Infrastructure as a Service (Iaas), Platform as a Service (Paas), and Software as a Service (Saas) needs.

4 Key reasons why organisations migrate to Azure


Your data and apps stay secure as it runs on one of the most robust and compliant cloud platforms in the market.

Cost Savings

Save on data centre and hardware leasing and avoid costs on license renewals.


Gain agility, enhance performance, and operate at a global scale. No need for patching or upgrading.


Protect against infrastructure disruptions by eliminating single point of failures and maintaining synchronous replication.

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn more about the key benefits of migrating to Azure.

Considering Microsoft Azure?

From initial evaluation and planning, migration and adoption, to support and optimisation, our team can make your Azure cloud journey easy, secure, and hassle-free. We provide business advisory, consulting services, and technical assistance to ensure you get the most out of your Azure cloud investment.

Evaluation and Planning

Got on-premises servers or legacy business-critical apps in need of a lift and shift, refactoring, rearchitecting, or rebuilding? No matter your workloads or applications, we can provide you with a plan to work out the most appropriate migration strategy to ensure a successful transition. 

Our complimentary 1-day Cloud Readiness Workshop will help you develop a prioritised migration plan and accelerate your Azure cloud journey in the most efficient, cost-effective way.

Discover what our 1-day Cloud Readiness Workshop can do for you.

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Migration and Adoption

Need assistance to help you migrate your on-premises workloads to Azure or further mature your Azure cloud adoption? Migrate safely and hassle-free and discover the opportunities within Azure that will prepare your disaster recovery, secure remote working, application modernisation, and more.

We design and implement a robust yet optimised Azure infrastructure for our clients in these areas: 

Cloud Security and Support

Using both on-premises IT infrastructure and public cloud and need a simplified way to secure your hybrid cloud environment? Need an expert team to manage the day-to-day elements of your cloud environment?

Let our team of Azure security consultants and dedicated helpdesk engineers provide security and proactive support services that you need:  

Cost Optimisation

Are your Azure costs spiraling out of control? Regain control of your IT budgets by identifying underutilised or idle resources in your Azure cloud environment. Optimise your Azure with our in-depth audit and cost optimisation strategies so you can prevent unnecessary spend on your Azure environment. Learn more about our Azure Cost Optimisation services by clicking below.

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“A review of our Azure operations by
Professional Advantage was very worthwhile. They were extremely knowledgeable and quickly understood our complex use of Azure in our SaaS application, providing suggestions that reduced our costs by 40%.”

Shane Barnette
CTO, DocsCorp

Trusted Azure consultants in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Perth.

With over 100 clients served, we delivered impactful Azure consulting services:

  • Up to 40% savings on subscription costs with our Azure Cost Optimisation service.
  • Reduced cybersecurity risks by improving our clients’ security posture.
  • Enabled hybrid remote work with desktop and app virtualisation.
  • Simplified IT administration and management.

We are one of a handful of Microsoft partners who hold multiple Microsoft Gold competencies (across Microsoft’s 3 clouds), Tier 1 CSP status, and more recently became a Top Gun Partner Program Member for Intelligent Cloud. These show our unique position and commitment to provide our clients with complete and reliable software, services, and support on Azure and other Microsoft technologies.

We are trusted by organisations across Australia to keep their Azure environments optimised and secure:

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Azure for Not-for-Profits

Did you know that qualified not-for-profits can get started with using Azure with a $3,500 grant from Microsoft and a complimentary 1-day Cloud Readiness Workshop from Professional Advantage? Click below to learn how you can take advantage of this offer.

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Here are the top frequently asked questions about Microsoft Azure. View the full list here.

What is Azure and why use it?

Microsoft defines Azure as a flexible and open cloud platform that enables you to quickly build, deploy, and manage applications in its data centres. It has various workloads for the three levels of cloud deliveries: Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Software as a Service (SaaS).

Many organisations use Microsoft Azure to modernise legacy applications or bring their on-premises servers to the cloud to save on costs, enable scalability and high availability, and take advantage of its state-of-the-art security and compliance capabilities.

Learn more about Microsoft Azure here or you can download this free e-book to discover the benefits of running your workloads in Azure.

Why Microsoft Azure is better than AWS?

Microsoft Azure gives you more value and consistent experience from your existing Microsoft software investment with its full integration to Microsoft 365 and Active Directory.

Only Azure offers you to pay reduced rate for moving your existing Windows Server and SQL Server workloads to Azure using Azure Hybrid Benefit. It also provides you up to three additional years of free extended security updates when you move your Windows Server or SQL Server 2008 and 2008 R2 workloads to Azure. You can compare Azure vs AWS here.

Download our whitepaper to learn why Azure is the top choice of Australian organisations for modernising their IT infrastructure.

When to use Microsoft Azure?

We recommend using Azure for the following common scenarios.

  1. You have ageing hardware or existing datacenter contracts that are becoming too costly to maintain.
  2. You are looking for flexibility, scalability, and high availability that your on-premises servers can’t provide.
  3. You have legacy business-critical software that you want to modernise.
  4. You are worried about the limited protection your current security tools offer to guard against cyber threats.
  5. You require to be able to recover and restore your data in cases of unplanned outages, cybersecurity incidents or natural disasters.
  6. You want to enable secure remote working by virtualising desktops and apps in the cloud.
  7. You want to develop your own apps quickly but want to host them to the cloud.

 Microsoft Azure can address many other scenarios. To learn whether Azure is right for your current business needs, consult with us at 1800 126 499 or email us at

How do I modernise existing .NET applications with Azure cloud?

There are four strategies that you can take to modernise your existing .NET applications (or any business application for that matter) to Microsoft Azure.

  • REHOST: “lift and shift” strategy without the risks or costs of making code changes.
  • REFACTOR: “repackage” strategy that involves some changes to the application but no major application code changes.
  • REARCHITECT: modernise your app into a resilient, highly scalable, independently deployable architecture and use Azure to accelerate the process, scale applications, and manage your apps with ease.
  • REBUILD: rebuild your application from scratch but without the expensive and complex software licenses or underlying application infrastructure.

Read further information about the four strategies for modernising your business applications in this blog.

We also recommend checking out the tools you can use to migrate your workloads to the cloud in this blog.

Is there a Not-for-Profit pricing for Azure?

There is no NFP pricing for Azure VMs or services from Microsoft, however, qualified NFPs can get access to free Azure credits worth $3,500 (USD). NFPs can renew this grant annually with Microsoft.

Professional Advantage also offers special consulting rates for qualified NFPs to help you modernise your IT infrastructure in the most cost-effective way.

Visit our Azure for Not-for-Profit page for more information or get in touch with us at 1800 126 499 or email us at

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