How are data silos impacting your organisation's speed and ability to make informed decisions?

Many organisations still struggle to stitch together all of their data into a single source of truth. As organisations grow, they acquire new business systems that may not integrate well with their existing technology. The fast pace of technological change may see the introduction of new analytics tools that need to co-exist with legacy reporting systems. Organisational data may be residing on-premises and in multiple clouds, making it difficult to combine. The end result is a complex data estate that is challenging to manage, difficult to scale, and costly to sustain.

As an accredited Microsoft Partner for Data and AI solutions, we can help you migrate to or build a modern data analytics platform to accelerate the value derived from your data leveraging Microsoft technology.

A strategic approach to resolving your data analytics challenges.

Before embarking on a project, it is essential to understand your organisation’s position from a data maturity perspective, where you currently are, and where you plan to go. Some scenarios may include:

  • You may have data sources siloed to each business unit, each with its own reporting tool or Excel spreadsheets.
  • You may have consolidated some of your data sources using analytics tools. Still, the technology may not be scalable or have the level of automation to ensure good quality data and timely insights.
  • Your organisation may have reached a more mature stage of data analytics capabilities. You may be looking for more advanced capabilities, such as predictive analytics or getting your data ready for use with the latest AI technology.
  • You may have invested in a modern data analytics platform, but you don’t feel that you have achieved your project's expected return on investment.
  • You may be looking to migrate a legacy reporting system to a modern data analytics platform.
No matter your situation, we can help you progress to the next step with a complete range of data analytics consulting services.

What are some common pitfalls that can hinder the success of your
data analytics project?

Lack of clear objectives.

Resistance to change and lack of adoption of the new technology.

Poor data quality.

Inadequate data governance.

Budget overruns.

Data privacy and security concerns.

The absence of necessary
in-house skills to deliver the project.

Absence of a continuous improvement plan to ensure optimal performance and ongoing project relevance to business needs.

Awareness of common pitfalls allows organisations to prepare for, avoid, or mitigate these issues to improve the chances of a successful project. Our experienced consultants will help you build your data analytics strategy from the ground up or fine-tune what you already have to help you ensure project success.

We help Australian businesses modernise their data analytics platform.

Whether you are migrating to a modern analytics platform, designing a new data architecture, fine-tuning data pipelines, or ensuring the scalability of your data estate for future growth, think of our expertise as an extension of your skillset. The specialised knowledge, methodologies, and skills that our consultants bring to the table work in tandem with your in-house skills to ensure your data strategy is optimised and resilient and can deliver actionable insights that drive your business forward.

Our data analytics services

Data Strategy

We help organisations establish a clear strategy to effectively harness the power of their data. From understanding the current state to crafting a vision, implementing technology, and ensuring adoption, we are here to help.

Business Intelligence

Data analytics aims to ensure that the data is readily available for the people who need it to make timely, informed business decisions. Our Microsoft Power BI experts help you present data in easy-to-interpret visualisations that business users can understand and use.

Data Engineering

Whether it is merging data from legacy systems with modern applications, or integrating data silos into a centralised data platform, our team can help you achieve a single source of truth with clean, quality data ready for analysis.

Data Estate Modernisation

Upgrading legacy data management solutions to a modern data analytics platform can significantly improve data accessibility, analytics capabilities, operational efficiency, and decision-making processes. This shift can also reduce costs while optimising data governance.

Data Warehousing and Storage

By consolidating data into a single central database, businesses can reduce costs, plan for future growth, and ensure data integrity and compliance. We offer expertise in strategy, implementation, and best practice guidelines.

Data Governance

Data governance is an integral part of any data analytics initiative, helping organisations manage and utilise their data effectively. Our services assist clients in developing and implementing data governance strategies, ensuring data security and compliance with legal and business policies.

Data Science

For organisations at the forefront of technological innovation, we can help you delve deeper into your data through advanced analytics. Predictive analytics can help you uncover trends and patterns within your data to understand and forecast future events.

User Adoption (training and ongoing support)

Our User Adoption and Training Service is designed to assist in a smooth transition and the effective use of new technology. We are with you every step of the journey, helping you ensure a successful uptake of the analytics platform.

Expert data analytics consulting that helps you transform your data into insight

At Professional Advantage, we pride ourselves on the long tenure of our dedicated staff, a testament to our commitment to a positive working environment for all. This longevity ensures continuity of service for our clients. Our consultants bring with them years of accumulated knowledge about our clients' businesses, strengthening relationships, and minimising the learning curve in every project.

Yet we are relentless in our pursuit of innovation, always seeking to leverage the latest technology in our work. This ensures that while we bring the wisdom of experience, we are also at the forefront of new technology, offering our clients the latest in data analytics solutions tailored to their unique challenges.

9.7 years average client retention

10.9 years average staff tenure

300+ staff globally

90 consistently high NPS

"Something PA has (which is not easy to achieve) is consistency with staff tenure. We can build relationships with the same people and have consistency throughout a long running project."

Kevin Garvey, Director, Pinnacle Rehab

Read the full story of our client Pinnacle Rehab and their experience of working with us.

Professional Advantage is a certified Microsoft Solutions Partner for Data & AI and a Microsoft Power BI Dashboard in a Day Delivery Partner.

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