If you’re involved in running a club, professional association, charity/not-for-profit, or educational institution, it can be challenging to keep operations running smoothly, while attracting and retaining members and maintaining a healthy bottom line. The UpBeat solution built within the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform is designed to help you meet those challenges.

UpBeat provides you with out-of-the-box functionality for automating all member processes within and across your entire organisation.

Gain a complete view of your organisation

A comprehensive, end to end business management solution, UpBeat provides you with a 360 degree view of your organisation while helping you streamline operations, reduce costs, maximise revenue and fulfill your organisation’s strategic mission. UpBeat also helps you manage and maximise the valuable relationships your organisation has with members, sponsors, supporters and other key stakeholders.

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Turn information into insights and insights into action

Rather than rely on ‘gut feel’ or opinion to drive strategy, UpBeat enables you to harness your organisation’s data to make faster and smarter business decisions, gain fresh insights and make new discoveries. It also allows you to easily identify what activities are working best, which are not, and where waste and inefficiency are occurring.

Support for all your key operations

Using UpBeat, you can streamline and automate manual tasks and achieve higher levels of organisational efficiency. UpBeat seamlessly integrates and supports all your membership, financial, marketing and event management systems. Rather than rely on disparate information systems to run your organisation, UpBeat covers it all.

 UpBeat is built on the highly regarded Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform and integrates with leading technologies such as Microsoft Dynamics GP.

 UpBeat’s dynamic platform is designed not only to cater for your specific needs, but allows you to do so much more.


Membership Management

With UpBeat you can capture a complete history of every member interaction, including renewals, products purchased and events attended. As well as providing the insights you need to enhance engagement with members, UpBeat greatly reduces your staff’s administrative burden.

Event Management

Whether you’re planning a charity show, an awards night, a gala dinner or an internal meeting, UpBeat has you covered. From initial planning through to post-event follow up, UpBeat will guide your staff through all the stages required to make your event a big success.

Event Management
Relationship Management

Relationship Management

UpBeat can be used to strengthen your relationships with, and meet your obligations to, sponsors, subscribers, board members, governing bodies and regulatory authorities. The system provides easy to use reporting and analytics tools that you can use to demonstrate value. Information on event attendance levels, funds raised, media coverage generated and other key metrics can all be easily produced and analysed using UpBeat.


UpBeat automates a number of day to day financial processes including membership renewals, invoicing and payments. The system also allows your organisation to stipulate its own business requirements and define its own payment methods and terms. Your organisation’s revenues are matched to costs so that the financial viability of an activity can be easily evaluated.



UpBeat enables you to target the right people with the right message at the right time. The data analytics tools in UpBeat allow you to identify those members most likely to respond and will provide you with the information you need to execute prospect campaigns that deliver maximum results.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) / Education

Do you require members to earn CPD points to maintain their membership?  Upbeat has that covered. You can vary the total CPD points based on membership grade and require that they be earned during defined membership periods.

CPD Types and CPD Categories can be configured as required. You can define whether the CPD type is manual entry (not generated from an event attendance) or whether a member can enter points records. UpBeat can then calculate whether the contact is CPD compliant and generate a marketing list of those members to target for CPD campaigns.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) / Education

Fundraising Management

Using UpBeat, you can easily produce donor retention reports and execute strategies to improve your engagement with supporters, retain donors, reactivate lapsed donors and attract larger donations.  UpBeat captures every interaction you have with your donors and tells you what is working best and what isn’t. "


Providing our UpBeat customers with the ongoing support they need to continue to maximise their use of UpBeat is an important part of our business. All of our UpBeat customers will be provided with high quality support through our SupportPlus program.

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