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Integrating Business Intelligence and Business Planning using Microsoft Technology

To improve business performance, organisations strategically utilise the technology of business intelligence and planning tools.

Business intelligence tools look at 'what happened?', collating data from multiple sources, filtering and simplifying information in a visual, easy to digest way. Business planning tools look at the future, anticipating trends, predicting outcomes through simulation, and scenario planning to help plan for the short, medium, and long term.

Best practice is to analyse and plan (look forward and back) in the same place as this gives all the relevant information to users at the right time. Kepion enables this. Leveraging Microsoft technology and integrating to Power BI, Kepion delivers information to the right destination, at the right time.  

How do Microsoft Power BI and Kepion complement each other?

Kepion + Microsoft Power BI

Kepion + Microsoft Business Intelligence

With Microsoft Business Intelligence as the backbone of its technology, Kepion complements your Microsoft environment. From collaborating in SharePoint and Microsoft Teams, to leveraging your investment in Microsoft Dynamics 365, Kepion completes the picture to deliver a full corporate performance management (CPM) solution.

Maximise Resource Utilisation

Kepion's affinity to the Microsoft platform enables organisations to make the most of inhouse skills. The centralisation of admin tasks and the familiarity to Microsoft products speeds up the learning curve of the new technology and reduces costs and reliance on external resources.

Extended Functionality

Kepion extends the analytical and visualisation strengths of Microsoft Power BI by integrating the planning, budgeting, and forecasting capabilities that are missing.

A Single Platform

Microsoft Power BI and Kepion share a seamless data integration look and feel. Kepion helps consolidate your operational data from multiple sources, making it immediately available as a single view in Power BI.

Microsoft Platform

Is this solution the right fit for my business?

Choices are great, but having too many choices can drastically slow down the decision-making process.

At Professional Advantage, we like to give our clients the right options. Our technology experts take the time to listen to and discuss your organisation's unique business requirements and then make their recommendations based on industry knowledge and years of experience implementing solutions across a variety of businesses.

If you are ready to start your journey to improved Business Intelligence and Planning capabilities, connect with us and we will work with your availability to take you on the first step of discovery.

Helping our clients achieve more

We are always looking for ways to add more value to our clients. For the last 30 years we have been helping organisations improve their processes and business outcomes through technology improvements.

As a trusted adviser we bring choice to the table. We do not believe in a one size fits all approach, and instead can help you choose from a vast technology portfolio including multiple ERP/Financial solutions, Business Intelligence applications, Corporate Performance Management tools, Client Relationship Management, Intranets/SharePoint, Business Process Management, and much more.

We would love the opportunity to connect with you to understand your business requirements and demonstrate how we can add value with our software solutions and highly skilled consultants.

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