63%* of surveyed CISOs said their organisation
had suffered a data breach over the last 12 months.

2019 Unisys study in a ZDNet Report

With remote working and bring your own device (BYOD) workstyles more prevalent than ever, and only traditional security tools protecting your IT environment, your users can easily fall prey to cybersecurity incidents.

Is your business protected against these cyber threats?

Data Breach

Security incident where data was accessed or stolen from your organisation without your knowledge or approval.


Spoofing email sent to everyone that appears to come from a legitimate source but is actually from someone else.


Malicious software that locks your PC and prevents you from getting access to your data until you pay a demanded ransom.


Designed to steal sensitive information or spread spam via email by tricking a person into installing certain software.

Malicious Insiders

Rogue employees who have malicious intent to steal your data or damage your business’ reputation.

Shadow IT

Unapproved applications that are unknown to IT being used by employees that introduces security risks.

Secure your Digital Workspace with Microsoft 365 and Azure

Secure Remote Work Workshop

Enable your people to work securely from anywhere. Understand the Microsoft 365 technologies that enable simplified identity and access management, threat protection, and cloud security.

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Microsoft 365 Baseline Security

Protect your Microsoft 365 environment with its foundational security tools combined with recommended practices by the Australian Signals Directorate (ASD).

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Cloud Security with Microsoft Azure

Safeguard your hybrid cloud workloads including servers, data, storage, containers and IoT with Microsoft Azure, a highly secure and trusted cloud platform.

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Essential Eight Risk Assessment

Improve your security posture by comparing your organisation’s cybersecurity maturity level against ASD’s Essential Eight risk mitigation strategies.

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Information Security & Systems Review

In-depth and comprehensive assessment of your IT environment with a prioritised roadmap of mitigation strategies and associated tools.

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Managed Security Services

Proactive, remote monitoring and security management of your IT systems, overseen by our dedicated team of support engineers using best in class monitoring software and tools.

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See how Microsoft protects your business

Data protection no matter where it goes. Watch this 6-minute demo to learn how Azure Information Protection can mitigate your data security risks in Teams.

Watch the full on-demand webinar here »

Device Security with Microsoft Defender Endpoint. Watch this (3-minute) demo to see how Microsoft Defender Endpoint secures your data on any device.

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Work with a trusted security partner

We have been delivering IT solutions using the Microsoft technology since day 1 of our company’s inception. Our combined knowledge in Microsoft 365 and Azure migration and security, along with the recommended strategies by the Australian Signals Directorate (ASD) and the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), are key to what makes us a trusted security partner.

We have a team of dedicated IT security professionals with years of experience in assessing cybersecurity risks, implementing security solutions, and diffusing and responding to security incidents. Being a multi-compentency and Tier 1 CSP, we can help you get better value from your Microsoft software investment with our deep understanding of the licensing structure and how you can maximise it to your advantage.

“[Professional Advantage] provided us with exceptional service. They were able to very quickly identify the trojans within our network, working with us collaboratively and with a real sense of urgency to formulate a restoration plan which they managed meticulously through to the end. They were also very proactive in thinking outside the square to implement fixes to successfully restore backups which were potentially otherwise unrecoverable. I have no hesitation in recommending Professional Advantage.”

General Manager, Not-for-Profit Organisation

Mitigate your cybersecurity risks.

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