If you are a member of the board or part of senior management but don’t have deep cybersecurity knowledge, how do you verify that your IT personnel are on top of things? Asking your IT team if they have covered your security won’t get you the answers you need.

If you are an IT manager or administrator, whilst you know you have a great security setup, how do you make it understandable for your senior management and gain their trust that you have things covered?

It is imperative to have a common security language that senior management teams and board members can understand; a clear maturity model that isn’t about tech speak; and a model that is nationally recognised that your organisation can benchmark against.

The Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) is the government organisation guiding and publishing such frameworks as Essential Eight. If you want to know how to take the Essential Eight security conversation from the server room to the boardroom and vice versa, then you shouldn’t miss watching this webinar! 

During this webinar, you will receive:

An overview of Essential Eight, why it is relevant, and what your business needs to consider.

An understanding of the common language you can use to report on your organisation’s security posture to your Board of Directors and Senior Management.

Knowledge on how to utilise your existing Microsoft products and licensing to enable security controls to reach your desired Essential Eight maturity level.

Guidance on considerations beyond the bare minimum security recommended by Essential Eight.

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Presented by:

Andrew MacKenzie
Business Development –
Modern Work + Security

Andrew specialises in helping organisations achieve more by embracing digital transformation through Microsoft’s cloud-based solutions. He has assisted hundreds of organisations with IT strategy across all sectors over the last 20 years. His role is crucial in helping clients design IT solutions cost-effectively. Andrew leads the Security, Azure, Microsoft 365, and Managed Services practices at Professional Advantage.

Paris Wells
Senior Cloud & Security Architect –
Cloud & Infrastructure

Paris is an accomplished Network Engineer and Solutions Architect with over 20 years of experience in the IT industry. Working directly with SMB and enterprise organisations, his IT network and security prowess help ensure Professional Advantage's clients achieve a modern and secure IT infrastructure using Microsoft Azure and Security (such as Defender and Intune) solutions. Paris currently holds Microsoft Azure, TOGAF, Prince2, and ISC2 Candidate certifications.

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