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Most Not-for-Profit organisations we have spoken to are challenged with promoting transparency, attracting volunteers, finding sources of funds, and ensuring ongoing delivery of community programs.

Having the right technology in place can help provide a positive impact
to NFP operations by solving these challenges:

Meeting complex NFP reporting requirements.

Meeting complex NFP reporting requirements.

Unable to measure and monitor the overall performance with manual reporting.

Unable to measure and monitor the overall performance with manual reporting.

Reducing the reliance on labor by automating report generation and business processes.

Reducing the reliance on labour by automating report generation and business processes.

Creating a connected and collaborative environment among staff and volunteers.

Creating a connected and collaborative environment among staff and volunteers.

Providing access to information, quickly and easily for dispersed or highly mobile teams.

Providing access to information, quickly and easily, for dispersed or highly mobile teams.

How we help the Not-for-Profit industry through technology

Our solutions for the Not-for-Profit industry are a combination of these technologies that allow them to plan and forecast budgets, report and analyse performance, and promote collaboration and communication. Click on any of the products below to find out more or speak to our experts today to learn how you can improve your NFPs operations.

Enterprise Planning and Forecasting

Enterprise Planning and Forecasting

Get a complete view of your organisation’s performance in one interface. BOARD provides not-for-profit organisations with the visibility across all data sources, giving you the information you need to make smarter decisions and unlock more value from existing technology investments.

Reporting and Analytics

Reporting and Analytics

Say goodbye to budget spreadsheets, cut report generation time, and use forecasting to drive smarter business decisions with Infor d/EPM & BI. With analytics, dashboards, planning, and budgeting and forecasting capabilities, Infor d/EPM & BI delivers actionable insights to grow your business.

Office Productivity and Collaboration

Office Productivity and Collaboration

Modernise your workplace with tools that empower a mobile workforce. A business email platform, secure sharing of files and documents, online meetings, and business process automation are just some of the benefits that Microsoft Office 365 can bring to your people.

Intranet and Document Management

Intranet and Document Management

Bring your team together effortlessly, wherever they are. Provide them with a better way to collaborate, communicate, and share information using Microsoft SharePoint, the best team collaboration platform for organisations of all sizes.

Learn how we can help improve your Not-for-Profit organisation.

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