“We moved everything to the cloud when COVID hit, which enabled us to move 80% of our workforce to work from home within 48 hours.”

Bernadette Or, General Manager Finance and Corporate Services, EWON

That is the power of running your not-for-profit operations in the Microsoft 365 cloud platform.
It provides your not-for-profit access to modern tools that help you to:

Empower full mobility so your staff and volunteers can stay productive wherever they are.

Save on IT costs that you can reallocate to serving your communities better.

Protect the sensitive data of your donors, volunteers, and beneficiaries.

Streamline manual processes that delay the delivery of your services to your beneficiaries.


Microsoft 365 not-for-profit plans.

We can help you choose the subscription plan that matches your needs, but for your quick reference, the plans below are what our not-for-profit clients often use.

Best suited for up to 300 users. Best suited for 301 users and up. Best suited for 301 users and up.
Microsoft Office desktop apps. Microsoft Office web apps. Microsoft Office desktop apps.
Business-class email with 50GB inbox. Business-class email with 50GB inbox. Business-class email with 50GB inbox.
1 TB of cloud-based file storage and sharing. 1 TB of cloud-based file storage and sharing. 1 TB of cloud-based file storage and sharing.
24x7 phone support. 24x7 phone support. 24x7 phone support.
Corporate social network. Corporate social network. Corporate social network.
Teamwork hub. Teamwork hub. Teamwork hub.
Web conferencing. Web conferencing. Web conferencing.
Chat, voice calls, and HD video. Chat, voice calls, and HD video. Chat, voice calls, and HD video.
Meeting broadcast to up to 10,000 people. Meeting broadcast to up to 10,000 people. Meeting broadcast to up to 10,000 people.
Compliance solutions. Compliance solutions. Compliance solutions.
Device management. Device management. Device management.
- Identity and access management. Identity and access management.
- Partial advanced analytics Advanced analytics.
- - Information protection.
- - Security management.

Migrating to Microsoft 365 for the first time?

We have collated our advice for a seamless migration into a helpful eBook, within which you will learn:

  • Mistakes you need to avoid on your first Microsoft 365 migration.
  • Key things you need to prepare to avoid disruptions to your migration process.
  • Best practices for a successful migration.
  • Tips on how you can make your migration journey a seamless experience for your users.

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Need our expert assistance?

We can help you with any of these scenarios.

Program selection

Mailbox and file migration planning.

Microsoft 365 tenant setup.

User and system administration training.

Company portal or intranet implementation.

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Change management assistance.

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Ongoing support and maintenance.

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Integration or extension of Microsoft 365 apps to other systems you have in place.

Not-for-Profit offers you might be interested in.

Microsoft 365 for Not-for-Profit

Professional Advantage provides discounted consulting NFP rates to eligible NFPs, and they can get access to up to 10 free seats of Microsoft 365 through Microsoft’s NFP grant. Register your NFP with Microsoft to take advantage of the benefit below.

SharePoint for Not-for-Profit

We helped hundreds of not-for-profit organisations leverage the power of SharePoint to enable streamlined communications, better content management, and real-time collaboration. See how we are helping NFPs do more good with SharePoint.

Secure Remote Work Workshop

Enable your people to work from anywhere, securely. Understand the Microsoft 365 technologies that enable simplified identity and access management, threat protection, and cloud security in our complimentary 4-hour Secure Remote Work Workshop.

Azure for Not-for-Profit

Start planning the migration of your on-premises workloads to Microsoft Azure with our complimentary 1-day Readiness Workshop and get access to Azure’s complete cloud solutions portfolio using Microsoft’s $3,500 (USD) grant.

We understand not-for-profits like no other.

We are proud to have one of the broadest and most profound Microsoft 365 implementation experiences for NFPs in Australia. Ask around the industry, and you will probably encounter some who have worked with us in the past. We have been delivering IT consulting service for not-for-profits since day one of our company's inception, helping your industry accelerate your mission outcomes. 

With Professional Advantage as your partner, you don’t have to look for separate providers to handle the license, implementation, and support of your Microsoft 365 environment. As a Microsoft Solutions Partner for Modern Work and a Tier 1 CSP, we are in a prime position to take care of all of them for you. As a multi-skilled Australian Microsoft partner, we can help you further maximise your software investment by integrating solutions across Microsoft 365, Azure and Dynamics 365, including other third-party solutions.

We are proud to work with some of the most recognisable not-for-profit organisations in Australia.

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Got questions? We have the answers!

We listed some of the top frequently asked questions of new and existing Microsoft 365 NFP subscribers below. Please connect with us if you have further questions.


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