How can Solver help your organisation?

Save time by automating your reporting process.

Solver automates the extraction, cleansing, and loading of data, eliminating the need for manual processes. The result is one centralised data hub readily available for analysis.

Users do not need to waste time exporting and manipulating the data required for their reports. They can instead focus their time on analysing versus preparing data.

The result: users can share insights, make informed decisions, and focus their time on value-adding tasks.

One tool to house all your data and reports for the entire organisation.

With Solver everyone in the organisation can access their reports from one place.

It's typical for teams within an organisation to build their own version of reports that evolve over time based on their own sources of data. Such practices raise questions about results and create discord between teams.

Solver breaks down data silos by providing a single source of accurate reporting data and a reports library so everyone is looking at the latest results.

Gain complete insight into your organisation.

Improve your KPI reporting with personalised visualisations to accommodate the requirements of different roles.

Easily create report variations with a 360 degree view for the leadership team, line of business reports for operational managers, and personalised role-based reports or report by analysis code.

With Solver you can make sure that everyone is being served the metrics most relevant to their role to help them gain complete insight so they can make faster and better decisions for your organisation.

Learn more about the features that make this possible.

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Connect Solver with your business systems by utilising the out-of-the-box pre-built integrations for

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