Automate manual data collection processes with input forms and assignments

With Solver Planning, budget contributors can complete their budget input from their web browser. The process starts by assigning tasks to contributors. They can enter comments and communicate back and forth with their budget approver during the process. Comments are stored within the budget for future reference. Once finished, users can submit entries for approval.

Users can use simulation dashboards to analyse how changes to different variables may impact their overall budget. Budget drivers can be pre-configured for different areas of the business. For example, sales may include up or down changes to prices, sales headcount, or the average size of deals. Budgets can be prepared quickly, easily, and accurately.

Help your team stay on track with end-to-end processes and checklists

With Solver’s process manager, you can define your team’s budget processes so you never miss a step, with capabilities including:

  • Assign tasks.
  • Allocate process owners and contributors.
  • Set task due dates and deadlines.

Another popular feature is the ability to embed direct links to reporting and planning templates from within the tasks. This helps users navigate to the correct entry form.

Once set up, you can easily monitor the progress and status of each task in the process.

To make getting started easier, Solver has several process templates available. You can choose from Budgeting and Forecasting, Reporting and Analysis, or create your process from scratch.

Monitor budget data submission and manage approvals with workflows

Solver’s workflow allows budget administrators to assign tasks to budget contributors, define budget approvers, and set deadlines for changes. Once budgets are finalised, no further changes are allowed. Workflows include strong controls so users can only access the areas of the budget related to their role.

Budget contributors are notified when a task is assigned to them. They can navigate to their assignment from their web browser, update their portion of the budget, and submit the budget for approval.

As the budget manager, you have real-time visibility of the progress of each assigned task.

Analyse a range of possibilities with scenario modelling

Solver enables you to easily generate multiple scenarios based on your assumptions.

Simply adjust the assumptions, and the platform's break-even model will automatically calculate projections across categories based on historical trends.

With this information, you can save the updated scenario and compare it with actual results or other scenarios to support informed decision-making.

Increase agility and accuracy in your forecasting process with driver-based planning

With Solver, you have the ability to effectively track and manage critical business drivers. This allows you to evaluate potential risks and opportunities by easily modifying assumptions.

By establishing a clear understanding of the key drivers, all stakeholders are aligned on the foundational elements behind budget projections.

You can easily model quick adjustments by changing the drivers and Solver will apply the changes and calculate the results.

Solver enables agile planning with scenario testing and rapid iterations. Quickly create multiple what-if scenarios and immediately analyse how the changes impact the bottom line.

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