Microsoft's solution to help you make sense of your data

Power BI is Microsoft's user-friendly analytics, reporting, and dashboarding solution for your data analysis requirements.

Organisations are very data rich in 2022, but many remain insights poor. Unless the data is presented in a manner that is easy for users to interpret, it remains a challenge to get the clarity required to make timely decisions and take action.

This is the key advantage of using Power BI. It enables you to find insights that are hidden in your data so you can make informed decisions.


How does Power BI work?

Connect to 100s of data sources to load the data.

Build the data model, transform the data, and create measures.

Create your reports and dashboards.

Share your report to Power BI Mobile, Publish to Web, Microsoft Teams, and other Microsoft Office tools.

Explore insights, collaborate, and make informed decisions.

How does Power BI work

What sets Power BI apart?

Power BI is for everyone. No coding experience required

Power BI has been designed with the end user in mind. It is intuitive and easy to use by users with no technical background.

Advanced users can utilise Power BI to accomplish more complex data analysis. It fits most industries and works with your existing software systems.

Power BI helps you find insights quickly

Easily create stunning reports with interactive data visualisations using Power BI's drag and drop user interface.

Accelerate your journey by choosing from ready made apps or create your own.

Most importantly, Power BI does not slow down as your data grows. It can handle both small and big data projects.

All your data in one reporting and analytics tool

Join your data sources together into one place so everyone is working on the same data. No more disputes about which data is right or where it is coming from.

Once the data transformation rules are set, your data is always up to date with automated, incremental refreshes.

This automated data load process saves organisations hours that would otherwise be spent manipulating and preparing data for reporting.

Data-driven collaboration

Power BI makes the dream of data-driven collaboration in your organisation a reality.

Because of it's seamless integration with other Microsoft products, Power BI reports and dashboards can be embedded in apps such as Microsoft Teams and SharePoint Online.

Tag colleagues and add comments as you work with dashboards to start a discussion about the insights you are discovering.

Learn more about Power BI and Microsoft Teams.

Power BI within the Power Platform

Power BI alone is powerful, but as a component of the Power Platform it enables you to go to the next step with business process automation.

Once you discover new insight from you data, you can use Power Apps and Power Automate to build action steps and workflow processes that can be started from within your Power BI report.

Building these solutions was something reserved for IT or experienced developers. With the Power Platform, business users with no coding experience can create low-code apps to solve business process challenges.

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A helping hand from a trusted Microsoft Gold Data Analytics partner

At Professional Advantage we have helped many organisations across multiple industries ensure a successful adoption of Power BI.

We believe that the way you go about introducing new technology and the support that is available for users has a huge impact on the success of the project.

Our consultants are very enthusiastic about Power BI technology and have helped organisations at different stages of their Power BI Journey.

Our Power BI consultants will meet you right where you need them

While some organisations opt to take on a Power BI project without engaging with an external consultant, we find many of our clients gain substantial value from partnering with an industry expert to help guide them through the project. We have applied different models of engagement, subject to the resources and business intelligence skills that the client can contribute to the project.

If you are currently partnering with us for other solutions such Dynamics 365 Business Central or Dynamics GP and are now considering Power BI, our consultants can help you accelerate your Power BI journey by leveraging their experience of working with Microsoft Dynamics software solutions.

Are you ready to start exploring the value that Power BI can bring to your organisation? Connect with us and we will work with your organisation's individual circumstances to guide you on the first step of discovery.

Exploring Power BI

Are you using Excel for your reporting process and exploring what Power BI can do for your organisation? Start with a discovery session.

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Not quite ready yet?

We understand that the software selection process takes time and research. To assist with the journey, we have picked a selection of resources for you to read through. Let's dive deeper into your key area of focus.

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Power BI for Not-for-Profit

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Got questions about Microsoft Power BI? Here are our top frequently asked questions:

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Discover how Power BI uniquely secures your data

When choosing a service to help you analyse your vast amounts of data and share it with others on your team, security is an important aspect to consider.

Learn how the Power BI architecture allows for safer data storage, user authentication, and overall increased security.

This whitepaper from Microsoft covers:

  • Power BI architecture.
  • User authentication.
  • Data storage and movement.
  • Power BI mobile.

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