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Successful businesses today are using their data to become more competitive, improve efficiency and increase profitability. Microsoft Power BI uses new data discovery and analysis capabilities in Excel, so you're working in an environment that you are already familiar with, without the need for costly IT support.

3 Step self-service BI

In just 3 steps Power BI let's you develop your own reports

Self-service BI

Power BI delivers true self service Business Intelligence (BI), enabling you to gain access to the right data at the right time. You can easily find out what's important in your business by quickly creating dashboards, producing and sharing reports, and directly connecting to (and incorporating) the business data that matters the most to you.

With Power BI you will make faster and better informed business decisions, respond more quickly and confidently to changing circumstances, and keep you and your colleagues working in sync.

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A 360 degree view with Power BI

  • View the most important information in one place for easy analysis.
  • Easily monitor and analyse your marketing campaigns to find out what's working, what's not and where resources should best be allocated.
  • Segment your customers based on a variety of criteria that you determine.
  • Improve sales forecasts, identify new sales opportunities, track customer engagement and close more deals.
  • Enhance collaboration by having you and your colleagues working with the same data at the same time.