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Business processes are the activities and tasks performed within your organisation that form the links between your people and your management systems. Without a plan in place to ensure smooth transitions between the areas of your business, actions that should be standard become disjointed and dis-integrated from other processes.

Business process management (BPM) is the automation and standardisation of business processes, delivering workflow controls and integration with other business applications. BPM can be applied to a full range of processes from the large, complex, and complicated, to the small, isolated, day-to-day processes that keep your business running.

How business process management software will help you

Business rules

Business rules

Make process routing decisions based on predefined business rules.



Automatically escalate a task to a designated person if it hasn't been attended to after multiple notifications.



Set up custom SMS, email, or chatbot notifications on a process-by-process basis.

Business activity monitoring

Business activity monitoring

Monitor key business process KPIs in real-time to identify bottlenecks and ensure compliance with SLAs.

Our software solutions


XMPro helps organisations manage complex workflows where the path is not always known in advance, and where failure means compliance risk, financial losses, and reputational threat.

Microsoft Power Platform

Innovate quickly and easily using a single platform that connects your data, automates workflows, and leverages the power of artificial intelligence. Learn more about Microsoft Power Platform.

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