The challenges of a complex and fragmented data analytics landscape

Your organisation recognises that having timely data insights to guide informed business decisions is pivotal to your success.

Yet making the correct data available that enables detailed drill-downs, when and where people are making decisions remains a challenge for many.

Your most valuable data often comes from cross-referencing data from different systems. For example, CRM data with ERP data, operations, HR, project management, case management, or scheduling systems. Siloed data across different systems is often complex to combine. The need for data governance plays a critical role here as it helps establish policies and standards for data quality, security, and compliance. 

As a result, teams and departments are burdened with disparate data sources, escalating licensing costs and an overcomplicated matrix of analytics tools.

This scenario leads to knowledge loss and challenges in retaining information amidst staff turnover, resulting in a steep learning curve for new employees who must master various analytics tools.

As the volume of essential data for analysis increases daily, the need for a simple solution that brings data together coherently becomes critical.

Siloed systems and data

No unified view of data

Lack of confidence in data accuracy

Difficult data governance and data security risks

Escalating costs

How does Microsoft Fabric help address data analytics challenges?

Aligns teams with a SaaS-based analytics platform that can integrate data from any source.

  • Break down data silos with OneLake for all your data.
  • Eliminate data movement and data duplication with shortcuts.
  • Simplify data security processes and advance data governance requirements.
  • Allow business units to work independently in OneLake domains while contributing to the same data lake.
  • All data in OneLake is centrally controlled by Fabric administrators, allowing for granular control to meet different business needs.
  • Seamlessly transition from data storage to data visualisation and collaboration.
  • A familiar low code, no code user interface to advance knowledge retention and new staff transitions.

Empowers business users with a single source of truth for data insights and informed decision-making.

  • Make data accessible to users where they do their work: in Microsoft Teams, Excel, Powerpoint, and Outlook, with Power BI.
  • Help users take necessary steps by connecting insight to action using Data Activator.
  • Equip your data professionals with role-specific, self-serve tools in a unified experience to reduce time to insight.
  • Enable fast querying in Power BI using a direct connection to OneLake instead of copying the data into the Power BI dataset.
  • Leverage Microsoft's out-of-the-box AI capabilities for advanced insights and learning.

Industry-leading, built in security, compliance, and governance.

  • Keep your data protected with out-of-the-box security, compliance, and governance capabilities.
  • Enable teams to self-serve data and analytics with peace of mind that the organisational data is secure.
  • Govern your data all the way from data source to the Power BI report with Microsoft Purview.

Cost-transparent suite with reduced management overhead.

  • Reduce the cost and complexity of managing data services with a simplified cost structure based on capacity and storage.
  • Monitor usage and costs in Microsoft Fabric utilisation and metric app with a centralised dashboard.
  • Automatically adjust compute capacity by scaling up and down.

All your data. All your teams.
All in one place.

Introducing Microsoft Fabric.

What are the components of Microsoft Fabric?

Microsoft Fabric is an all-encompassing analytics solution for enterprises. It integrates services like data integration, data engineering, data storage, data science, real time analytics, data visualisations, data governance, and AI solutions that work together by design.

Built on a Software as a Service (SaaS) foundation, it brings together tools like Power BI, Azure Synapse, and Azure Data Factory, offering a unified platform for data analytics.

Fabric also includes a unified data storage system called OneLake. Think of OneLake as the OneDrive of data; just as OneDrive consolidates all your files into one
location, OneLake does the same for all your data.

Fabric is a comprehensive solution for all your data analytics needs, reducing the complexity of managing multiple systems or vendors and potentially lowering infrastructure costs related to data analytics.

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