Why do people choose Infor SunSystems?

On premise or cloud

Multi-company, multi-currency, joint venture accounting

"One Touch" transactions in a uni-ledger

Complex dimensional accounting

Automated allocations and reconciliations

Centralised accounting

Easy self-service, planning, budgeting, and forecasting

Unparalleled reporting capability.

Infor SunSystems is a complete, global financial management system with unmatched adaptability and powerful, user-friendly reporting.

The unified ledger gives you one simplified view, combining all your ledger data in the one spot. Whether it is a general ledger, sales and purchase ledger, Infor SunSystems removes the risks and challenges associated with sub ledger management and reconciliation.

  • Real time reporting
  • Make better, faster decisions
  • Drill back to source transactions
  • Utilise self-service reporting options

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PA Intelligent Invoice Capture

A typical Accounts Payable employee can spend on average 30% of their time handling invoices proving that manual data processing is an ineffective use of time and resources. PA Intelligent Invoice Capture eliminates most of the human intervention for Accounts Payable invoice processing. Make your Accounts Payable more profitable with Intelligent Invoice Capture for your Infor SunSystems solution.


Make your Accounts Payable more profitable with Intelligent Invoice Capture

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iPOS: Powerful end to end Spend Control for Infor SunSystems

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A Not for Profit solution.

Understand the financial impact of your activities with financial control at an individual program and client level with Infor SunSystems.

Infor SunSystems can help you plan and manage your service delivery with insight and stability for:

  • Fund Management and Tracking
  • Grant Management
  • Donations Management
  • National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) Management

An Insurance solution.

Whether you focus on reinsurance, property and casualty (P&C), life or multi-line insurance, there are times when the customers (policy holders) are also creditors (policy claimants).

As a result you need to deal with the same entity in parallel. Infor SunSystems Uniledger allows a single entity to be classified and managed as both a debtor and a creditor giving your finance department all the tools it needs to effectively:

  • Manage Operations
  • Automate Finance Process
  • Reduce Forecasting
  • Budget Cycle Times

A Professional Services solution.

Manage your complex accounts with Infor SunSystems, while organising and streamlining your operations.

Integrate financials with project and billing to:

  • Schedule the right resources
  • Accurately record time and expenses
  • Ensure timely billing and recovery

A Financial Services solution.

Support strategic decisions by capturing critical analysis, drive performance by unlocking data and get financial information and reports in real time on any device.

With visibility across all operational and transactional areas Infor SunSystems can help you:

  • Increase Customer Profitability
  • Reduce revenue leakage
  • Monitor errors system wide
  • Drive growth
  • Control expenses

“Working with Professional Advantage has been a great experience. Their project management & help desk are fantastic & they are very professional in their approach to implementation.”