Receipting for Infor SunSystems automates your cash payment receipting, deposit slip preparation and online receipt allocation. Receipting speeds up allocation of funds, eliminates double handling and rekeying data by using cheque scanning and EFTPOS. Internal controls are enhanced by the separation of duties, avoiding teaming and lading, with full audit trail and enforced balancing. 


  • Automated cheque scanning and EFTPOS avoids rekeying
  • Allows for cashier or teller style processing
  • Automatic collation of multiple receipts with multiple payment methods
  • Remote receipting for offline processing
  • Allocation to multiple bank accounts
  • Receipt number audit control with full audit trail


  • Process large volumes of transactions quickly and efficiently
  • Reduced manual processing lowers administration costs
  • Data accuracy with improved cash availability
  • Increased level of internal control and reduced risk of fraud


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