Bank Reconcilliation for Infor SunSystems from Professional Advantage

Import, reconcile and manage multiple bank accounts

Bank Reconciliation for Infor SunSystems allows you to import, reconcile and manage your organisation's most important asset - cash in the bank. This powerful tool offers a range of automated, flexible and scalable options to suit any business.

Import and reconcile electronic statements from multiple bank accounts. Bank generated journals (ie. bank fees and interest) can be matched with your own criteria. Bank Reconciliation will also detect and avoid duplication of bank statements automatically.

By implementing Bank Reconciliation for SunSystems you will be able to reduce or even eliminate time consuming tasks, such as rekeying, which allows your staff to work more effective.


  • Daily verification of cash in the bank
  • Electronic import of statements for an unlimited number of bank accounts
  • Automatic detection of duplicate bank statements
  • Automatic generation of bank initiated transactions, such as bank debits, standing charges or bank fees
  • Set your own user-defined matching rules to improve automated matching results
  • Improve fraud prevention through  early detection
  • Save time, reduce risk and improve accuracy through automation
  • Improve staff effectiveness through significantly reducing rekeying tasks
  • Compatible with over 100 bank formats and growing. Includes the major banks in Australia, New Zealand, Asia and UK
  • Professional Advantage can also develop additional bank format upon request

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