Contract & Service Billing (CSB)

Contract and Service Billing (CSB) produces your recurring contract invoicing, recurring services invoices and ad-hoc invoices in Infor SunSystem. 


Benefits for the CFO

  • Improved analysis and reporting for complex accounting
  • Real-time visibility over invoicing and spending
  • Flexibility to address a wide range of invoicing requirements
  • Provides consistency and control over generation of invoices
  • Revenue recognition over multiple periods
  • Invoice and credit note approvals process


Efficiencies for Accounts Receivables

  • Full contract and recurring billing functionality
  • Accrual of prepayments & arrears
  • Multi-currency invoicing
  • Integrates data seamlessly with Collect for SunSystems for debt collection
  • Ability to email invoices
  • Contract review reminders
  • Rollback on contract invoices
  • Bulk import from third party application for invoice generation
  • Contracts can be amended at any time
  • Sundry invoicing option for ad-hoc invoices

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