Do your IT resources spend more time upgrading, supporting, and maintaining your on-premise Infor SunSystems finance application than making improvement plans and innovations? Do your financial staff crave more connectivity and access to critical jobs and processes? The answer might be to switch to the cloud.

Organisations are increasingly moving their ERP software to the cloud allowing them to grow and stay ahead in a competitive environment. The cloud-based financial software from Infor SunSystems offers companies an agile platform that helps organisations respond quickly to new challenges, opportunities, and changing business requirements.

Join this webinar to understand how Infor SunSystems' new cloud-based solution can increase your organisation's agility and give you the flexibility to enhance your financial processes using customised workflows, notifications, and mobile connectivity.

Key takeaways:

  • What is the new SunSystems cloud version?
  • Why SunSystems cloud?
  • What are the benefits of moving to the cloud?
  • How can SunSystems cloud support remote employees?
  • What is the migration process?

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This webinar is best suited for:

Infor SunSystems decision-makers looking to evaluate options and improve their strategy in a more scalable way of doing business that will maximise return on investment.

Presented by

Rebecca Gatehouse
Business Development Manager

Rebecca is dedicated to helping organisations improve via the application of technology. With an understanding of their organisation, roadmap of improvements, and target business outcomes, Rebecca advises on best approach and technologies that will deliver outcomes. Rebecca has over 15 years of experience working with customers to find, and get the most out of, the best technology to support their business.

Tim Truesdale
Global Partner Enablement, SunSystems

Tim has over 25 years of experience with Infor SunSystems in various roles: customer, consultant, development, marketing, and product management. Having first encountered SunSystems as a consultant to the Australian Federal Government, Tim joined Systems Union as a consulting services manager in Canberra. After serving 6 years in consulting, he moved to the UK headquarters to work with SunSystems development. Twenty years on, he is still living in the UK, working for Infor, and as passionate as ever about the development of SunSystems.

Neil Richardson
Solutions Director

Neil thrives at helping organisation get work done and get better at it. With a variety of service provider roles spanning over 25 years in Australia, his goal is to help executives determined to improve their business’s performance and competitive advantage. With a fixation on quality, both inputs and outputs, he strives to deliver the best solutions for clients. 

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