Why do people choose Consolidations?

Operates within or across multiple SQL Servers

Data integrity, with full drill down capabilities

Schedule processes at any time of the day

Data driven consolidation - not just a report

Consolidate some or all business units

SunSystems multi-currency compliant including 5th currency

Inter-company eliminations

Supports different reporting structures for chart of accounts, analysis dimensions, and financial periods

Multi-level sequential consolidations

Considering Consolidations for Infor SunSystems?

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The benefits of Consolidations

Caters for all corporate models including partnerships, joint venture, partially or fully owned companies

Administered by SunSystems users, not external consultants

No more risky interventionist processes

Rerun any level of the consolidation at any time

No more rekeying data

No more consolidation by spreadsheet

Full audit trail

Rollback and rerun ability

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