Do you want to consolidate journals from multiple business units?

Consolidations is a ledger data aggregation module that allows the automatic consolidation of journals from multiple Infor FMS SunSystems business units.

It supports multi-currency conversions, provide inter-company eliminations and produces a detailed audit trail on completion. 


  • Can run within or across multiple SQL Servers 
  • Data integrity, with full drill down capabilities
  • Schedule processes at any time of the day, even hourly
  • Data driven consolidation - not just a report
  • SunSystems multi-currency compliant including 4th currency
  • Supports different reporting structures catering for chart of accounts, analysis dimensions and financial periods
  • Consolidate some or all business units
  • Multi-level sequential consolidations
  • Inter-company eliminations


  • Caters for all corporate models including partnerships, joint venture, partially or fully owned companies
  • Administered by SunSystems users, not external consultants
  • You can rerun any level of the consolidation at any time
  • No more tricky interventionist processes
  • No more rekeying data
  • No more consolidation by spreadsheet
  • Full audit trail
  • Rollback and rerun ability

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