Are you experiencing the following challenges in your
not-for-profit reporting process?

  • Rely heavily on spreadsheets in your reporting process. This process is manual and error-prone and additional time is spent validating the data and formulae.
  • Data is combined from multiple business systems into a single report. These systems can include finance, payroll, fund-raising, and CRM.
  • There is a lack of confidence and trust in the quality and accuracy of the data due to inconsistent key calculations and multiple versions.
  • There is ongoing pressure for the organisation to deliver reports in a timely manner and there is no real-time view of the actual data.

How does Power BI simplify your not-for-profit reporting?

Break down data silos. Gain a unified view.

It is typical for not-for-profits to have a number of key legacy systems in place: access databases, fundraising systems, donor management, HR, and finance to name a few. Organisations struggle to combine and analyse all these data sources together in one report.

Reduce reporting complexity with Power BI by unifying data from different systems to create interactive dashboards and reports that provide actionable insights.

Empower your teams with self-service reporting.

Many not-for-profits are required to report on funds utilisation at a very granular level to retain and attract new funding. Project or grant based reporting from multiple systems can be complex and time consuming. Also, annual government and other reporting requirements for NDIS providers can be a challenge if there is poor use of technology.

With Power BI you can easily deliver data analytics to the fund and project managers who need it. Distribute data on any device, while keeping your data secure with industry-leading data security capabilities.

Spend more time with data interpretation.

The process of extracting, cleansing, and consolidating data in preparation for monthly reporting is a time consuming, manual process. It must be repeated every month, and again for ad hoc reports requested by operational managers. File versions and formats become increasingly difficult to manage and the data is not available in real-time.

Power BI simplifies this process to enable a view of your current and historical performance, and not just a snapshot of past performance. You can easily collaborate on data with co-workers by utilising the collaboration features or by sharing reports and data in a safe and secure way. No more attaching reports to emails.

More reasons why Power BI is a good fit for not-for-profits


Microsoft is dedicated to providing affordable solutions for not-for-profit organisations. The special non-profit pricing makes Power BI a cost effective choice to start your data transformation journey.

Microsoft Office familiarity

Users who are already familiar with Excel can save time and increase efficiency when they pair Power BI with Excel. Connect Excel queries, data models, and reports to Power BI, using the skills you already have.

Industry Leader

Gartner recognised Microsoft as a Leader for the 14th consecutive year in the 2021 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms.

Here are a few examples of how Professional Advantage has helped not-for-profits simplify data analysis with Power BI:

Grants and Fund Management

Procurement and Spending Analysis

Increased Transparency

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