Is your IT strategy based on an industry-recommended security model?

We live in an era where the digital apps and services that organisations use to serve customers and generate revenue are also what cyber criminals target to carry out their crimes. Hence, it is imperative that organisations, especially small to mid-size, have a foundational cyber security strategy to prevent malware delivery and limit the impact of cyber security attacks.

A complacent cyber security strategy can result in a hefty financial loss, tarnished brand reputation, unrecoverable loss of data, and customers leaving your business. A good way to mitigate your risks is to follow what the Australian government recommends as a baseline cyber security risk mitigation strategy called Essential Eight.

Mitigate your risks with Essential Eight

Essential Eight is a cost-effective cyber security risk mitigation strategy developed by the Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) to help organisations reduce the risk of malware delivery and execution and limit the extent of cyber security incidents. It’s eight controls outline the risk mitigation strategies as follows:

Application Whitelisting

Allow only trusted and approved applications to run on your network. This prevents execution of malicious programs from automatically running by having a set of pre-approved apps.

Application Patching

Determine patching procedures and levels for popular web browsers, Microsoft Office, Oracle Java, and PDF viewers. This helps mitigate vulnerabilities on apps that need patching.

Configuration of Office Macros

Review office macros and current policies to prevent untrusted macros with malware from automatically running.

User Application Hardening

Ensure that unauthorised applications such as Adobe Flash Player or Java applets will not be utilised in browsers that have been known to deliver malware.

Restrict Administrative Privileges

Review admin privileges on specific IT systems and provide necessary permissions only for those who need them.

Operating System Patching

Determine existing patching systems, patching schedules, and server/workstation patching compliance. This should allow you to mitigate vulnerabilities on operating systems that need patching.

Multi-factor Authentication

Use a second factor such as a physical token or mobile device to make it more difficult for cybercriminals to access your systems, even when the password has been breached.

Review Backups

Ensure regular backups of data so you can get it back in case you suffer a cyber-attack. Determine RTO/RPO, retention period, online/offline backups, offsite storage location, and test restoration schedule.

Essential Eight Maturity Levels

Essential Eight
Level 0

This signifies a significant weakness in your organisation’s overall cyber security posture that, when exploited, could facilitate data loss, compromise data integrity, or cause non-availability of your systems.

Level 1

Cyber criminals who opportunistically seek common weaknesses in multiple targets rather than focusing on one specific target is the main focal point of this level. This is where they employ social engineering techniques to trick users into weakening the security of a system and then launch malicious applications.

Level 2

This level focuses on cybercriminals with a modest step-up in capability from level one. Attacks will be more targeted and will use advanced tools to bypass security controls. Tools and techniques in their arsenal include compromising credentials using phishing, implementing technical, and social engineering to bypass weak MFA.

Level 3

This level focuses on adversaries that are more sophisticated and do not rely on conventional tools and techniques. They exploit weaknesses in their victim’s security posture to magnify their access, avoid detection, and gain a strong footing on the system. Generally, cybercriminals will focus on specific targets and will invest time and effort to circumvent particular policies and controls.

Unlock the Benefits of Essential Eight Risk Assessment

Reduce your vulnerabilities.

Identify and mitigate known security vulnerabilities by employing a multi-layered and comprehensive approach to cybersecurity.

Minimise the impact of potential attacks.

Ensure rapid containment and swift recovery from a security breach, allowing your company to maintain uninterrupted operations.

Use a measurable framework for risk assessment.

Utilise a quantitative benchmark to measure your organisation’s cybersecurity risk and ensure compliance with the Australian Signals Directorate’s recommendations.

Cost-effective cybersecurity.

The Essential Eight's low-cost, robust mitigation strategies are a smart investment, significantly reducing the financial impact of a potential cyber breach on your business.

Get an indication of your organisation’s Essential Eight maturity level

Running our Essential Eight Discovery Session in your organisation will help you understand how to reduce your cyber security risks dramatically and determine what steps to take to improve your security posture. Sign up for your Essential Eight Discovery Session to:

  • Understand your current security posture and the goals you want to achieve.
  • Align the next steps to mature your security posture based on Essential Eight.
  • Get assessed by our team of experienced cybersecurity experts at no cost.

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