Power an efficient digital workplace with Azure Virtual Desktop

Do you have a legacy application that you want to publish to a subset of your users?

Do you have a particular department that requires higher computing power, such as your IT for dev/test environments?

Do you want to simplify administration and reduce management costs of Windows Server?

Then Azure Virtual Desktop might be the solution you need.

Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD, formerly Windows Virtual Desktop) is Microsoft’s comprehensive cloud-based desktop and application virtualisation platform that provides the best virtual Windows and Office experience, delivered on Azure.

4 Reasons Why You Should Use Azure Virtual Desktop

Simplified desktop management.

Keep an eye on fewer machines with AVD running in the cloud. Manage cloud operations from a single platform to streamline your IT maintenance.

Enable flexible remote working.

Meet the demand for flexible remote working and provide rich desktop experience on Teams, Office, and even your resource-demanding legacy applications.

Keep your business data secure.

Benefit from AVD’s built-in security. Enforce data protection with AVD separating your operating system, data, and apps from your employee’s local hardware.

Lower IT costs.

Reduce your IT spend by leveraging an eligible Microsoft 365 license to get access to Windows 10 Enterprise or Windows 7 Enterprise desktops.

Key Azure Virtual Desktop Features and Capabilities

Deploy and scale in minutes.

Virtualise and deploy modern and legacy desktop and app solutions in minutes with unified management in the Azure portal.

Enable optimisations for Office 365 apps for enterprise.

Deliver the best Office 365 apps for enterprise experience with multi-session virtual sessions to provide the most productive virtualised experience to your users.

Microsoft Teams enhancements.

Best conferencing and media experience with multimedia redirection capability and high-performance, low latency audio and video calling.

Deliver the only multi-session Windows 10/11 experience.

Provide the only like-local Windows experience and multi-session Windows 10 and 11 virtualisation in the cloud that’s highly scalable, provides cost savings, is always up to date, and is available on any device.

Stream apps to deliver SaaS to your customers and employees.

Remote app streaming with Azure Virtual Desktop enables organisations to stream apps to employees through your existing license and to customers with a new monthly per user pricing.

Manage with first-party, Citrix, or VMWare.

Choose your preferred management solution to meet your desired performance, hybrid, and security requirements.

Enhanced protocol.

With support for Windows Hello for Business, dynamically adapts to bandwidth utilisation, and uses containerised user profiles (FSLogix) with fast VHD load times.

Common use cases for Azure Virtual Desktop

1. Remote working.
Liberate your workforce to operate from any location, whether on their personal devices or company-provided equipment, all while maintaining a seamless office-like experience. This eliminates the necessity for costly hardware investments.

2. Specialised workloads.
Facilitate access to a spectrum of specialised tasks, spanning software development, financial applications, 3D modelling, graphic design, and CAD software, among others.

3. Elastic workforce.
Azure Virtual Desktop offers unparalleled flexibility in accommodating fluctuating demands for virtual desktops and applications. Whether responding to mergers, acquisitions, short-term staffing needs, or partnerships, scaling up or down becomes effortless.

4. Stream apps to external users.
Break free from traditional constraints by streaming proprietary applications directly to your external users and customers. This eliminates the need for customers to maintain hardware infrastructure to access your applications.

Our Azure Virtual Desktop Consulting Offers

Requirements Planning and Assessment.

Azure Virtual Desktop Licensing Review.

Azure Virtual Desktop Implementation and Deployment.

Ongoing Monitoring, Maintenance, and Management.

Ready to get started with Azure Virtual Desktop?

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  3. Prepare for the migration based on your use case scenarios.
  4. Understand AVD’s licensing structure.

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