Are you aware of your Microsoft Azure Cost Score?

The Azure Cost Score indicates how well maintained your Azure environment is, and the standard benchmark is 65%. If your score falls below this mark, it indicates potential room for improvement within your Azure environment. You can optimise your Azure resources by rightsizing your virtual machines, eliminating unused resources, or aligning with the appropriate licensing models such as Hybrid Benefit or Reserved Instances.

Take control of your Azure costs. 

Our clients are impressed that we help them achieve up to 98% Azure Cost Score which means their Azure environment is fully optimised, and they spend less on their Azure subscriptions. Let us help you take out the guesswork in optimising your Azure environment. Engage the Azure specialists at Professional Advantage to see immediate results:


“A review of our Azure operations by PA was very worthwhile. They were extremely knowledgeable and quickly understood our complex use of Azure in our SaaS application, providing suggestions that reduced our costs by 40%.”

Shane Barnette, CTO, DocsCorp.

We can help you bring down your Azure spend by:  

Providing you with increased visibility into your actual usage and costs.

Allowing you to have detailed analysis of your compute resource allocation.

Identifying any budget draining configurations that may exist.

Ensuring your Azure environment is configured using best practices.

Our Azure Optimisation Service includes: 

Review of existing Azure environment.

This step will review your current Azure usage, its associated costs, and existing resource configuration and utilisation.

Review of Azure licensing and subscription.

This step will analyse your existing Azure licensing structure to identify any benefits that you could be missing out on, or any ways to reduce costs.

Documentation and Reporting.

This final step will document the optimisation strategies as a result of the Azure environment and licensing review and propose changes to reduce overall Azure costs.

Get help with optimising your Azure environment.

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Work with a trusted Azure partner.

Delivering IT solutions for more than 30 years, our team of experienced and certified engineers and solution architects have helped our clients to save up to 40% on their Azure costs.

We have been helping Australian organisations adopt the Microsoft Azure cloud platform since its initial release in 2008, and have kept our Microsoft Gold Certified Partner for Cloud Platform since then. We also have since added our Tier 1 CSP Partner status and, most recently, have became a Top Gun Partner for Intelligent Cloud, – a unique position for only a handful of partners that means we can provide you with the computer software, services, and support on Microsoft Azure technologies.

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Tips to Control your Azure costs.

If your ongoing Azure costs are spiralling out of control, here’s a way for you to cut back on unnecessary IT spend. Download our complimentary eBook to learn some of the steps you can take to efficiently manage your cloud environment so you can bring down your Azure subscription costs.

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