Integrated business planning

If you experience any of the following, Integrated Business Planning (IBP) could be for you

  • Annual plans are outdated by the time they’re approved
  • Senior executives make planning decisions based on incomplete data
  • Your Planners plan and Finance Budgets, both are ineffective and disparate
  • Current budgeting and sales and operations planning (S&OP) processes don’t catch all business performance shortcomings
  • Strategic, Financial and operational plans are not aligned
  • You want to improve simulation, modelling and decision-making
  • Data is everywhere but in the right place and the right time

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Conventional approaches to business planning are no longer flexible, or advanced enough, to respond to the rapidly changing business environment.

Increased data complexity, digital advances and an increasingly global marketplace make it challenging to plan ahead with accuracy, or consider all variables when making decisions.

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What is Integrated Business Planning?

Integrated business planning

Extend the principles of planning to deliver one seamless management process

Integrated framework for smarter streamlined decision-making

Smarter streamlined integrated framework to plan and manage enterprises in the long-term

Help senior executives make plans

Make decisions with established methodology; link strategic plans to operational plans based on all available information

IBP brings together functions

A complete and holistic view of organisation's performance for strategic, medium to long - term planning

What are the benefits of Integrated Business Planning?

  • Integrate your key business processes
  • Gain control of your supply chain
  • Stay ahead of demand - and the competition
  • Deploy and align your people behind your business strategy
  • Identify performance gaps early
  • Business scenario modelling
  • Establish the optimum plan for your business
  • Rolling business plans with 24-36 month horizon
  • Full financial appraisal of rolling business plans
  • Sustainable growth
  • Improved profitability

Integrated Business Planning

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Why Professional Advantage?

When it comes to developing, implementing and maintaining your IBP solution, we won’t install a piece of software and walk away. With decades of planning experience, our consultants know success depends on three critical factors:

  • A sound understanding of your key processes
  • A commitment from senior executives to embrace new planning methods
  • An expertly implemented, industry leading technology platform

We work with every client to develop a robust, sustainable and low-risk solution that enables your IBP best practices. We prioritise user adoption at a project’s earliest stage. And we continue to offer support in the months and years after go live. No matter what industry you’re in, you can trust Professional Advantage to deliver.