Collections Management

Collections Management for Microsoft Dynamics GP

Improve cash flow, streamline your processes, and reduce bad debt with Collections Management. Professional Advantage's Collections Management for Microsoft Dynamics GP will boost efficiency through centralising contact and collection information and automating the collections process.

Collections Management allows you to dramatically reduce the time spent collecting from your customers.  It makes it easy to perform activities including: tracking all of your contact with your customers, automatically assigning follow-ups and setting reminder dates.


Collections Management enables you to:

  • Send pre-defined collection letters and attached invoices at the press of a button
  • Easily see all of your customer communications, contact details and balance information with the ability to drill down to the actual invoice
  • Develop powerful, easy-to-use queries
  • Set up collection plans for your customers that can prompt when the next collection action is required

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Centralises relevant information to share


icon-track Track all of your customer interaction and any required follow-up activities

Send individual or mass emails to customers with invoices attached


Attach multiple invoices to a customer note, tracking collection activity


Other key features include:

  • Each invoice can have a status.  Easily see what is promised, disputed, or what still requires attention.
  • Create custom email templates with merge fields.
  • Use the standard letters that ship with the system.
  • Set up collection plans.  Detail a series of steps by customer as part of your collection process.
  • Use queries to target overdue customers - for example customers over 30 days who haven't yet promised to pay.
  • Send invoices from virtually any system.  Collections Management has the ability to send invoice PDF's generated from any invoicing system. 


Want to know more about what Collections Management can do for you? Contact Professional Advantage and we'll be happy to help.

Collections Management – new release coming soon

With the next version of Collections Management coming out this year, we have focused on automating your collections process, so you spend less time clicking and more time collecting. We want you to get on with the job of collecting cash and improving your company's cash-flow. 


By streamlining processes and making options easy to follow, our new release of Collections Management helps you manage your collection team and helps new users get up and running quickly. 


New improvements in 5 key focus areas:


Improved email capabilities

  • Collections Management makes it easy to select a message template and select some or all of the customers open invoices to attach to the email.


Collection Plans

  • Choose from a list of pre-defined processes
  • Define your own collections process
  • Create different collection plans for different customer types
  • System generated reminders
  • Process steps one at a time or group similar customers and activities together


Quick Start Wizards to set up:

  • Collection Actions
  • Collections Letters
  • Collection Plans
  • Customer Queries

Advanced Reporting

  • Cashboard; a new take on the dashboard
  • Cashflow forecasts
  • Customer metrics


Send invoices from any integrated system

  • Do you generate invoices from a system other than Dynamics GP?  Collections Management can email invoices from any system that can produce a PDF.
  • This also makes invoices available outside of Dynamics GP.  You can now have an aging report with a hyperlink to the invoicing allowing your staff access to key information without having to ask accounting or to log into GP themselves.





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Providing our Microsoft Dynamics GP and Collections Management customers ongoing support is a key part of our business at Professional Advantage.


All of our Microsoft Dynamics GP and Collections Management customers can expect high quality support services through our SupportPlus program.


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