RF Smart


Professional Advantage provides RF-SMART for Microsoft Dynamics AX, a fully multimodal data collection solution. This advanced technology enables you to choose the most efficient mode of data collection-barcodes, voice, RFID or keypad entry on the mobile device-for every transaction offered. The ability to interchangeably use data collection modes enhances productivity by up to 40% compared to paper-based processes and 20% compared to using barcodes alone.

Reduce costs, improve productivity and achieve near 100% data accuracy across your manufacturing and distribution operations using RF-SMART's automated data collection (ADC) solutions for Microsoft Dynamics AX.

RF-SMART provides Microsoft Dynamics AX customers with end-to-end supply chain visibility and execution control that:

  • Improves data accuracy to near 100%
  • Enhances productivity by up to 40%
  • Increases order accuracy to near 100%
  • Provides complete visibility from the shop floor to the customer's door
  • Enables superior customer service
  • Reduces supply chain costs as a percentage of revenue




RF-SMART is built using 100% .NET technology and is easy to own and use. The data collection and mobile workforce applications are built on a single application framework and share a common web-based back office. Using point-and-click settings, system administrators can manage users, menus, security, mobile devices, transaction workflows, Microsoft Dynamics AX integration, reporting, labelling and more. It's the most advanced, flexible suite of mobile applications ever developed for Microsoft Dynamics AX users.

Other features include:

  • Microsoft Dynamics AX-specific functionality
  • Certified for Microsoft Dynamics AX (CfMD) solution
  • Version-controlled, quality-tested application
  • Long-term value via regular version releases
  • Powerful, scalable and reliable architecture
  • Rapid, measureable ROI results
  • Real-time performance
  • ERP-to-customer visibility with mobile workforce solutions