Company Data Archive Features

   Archives can be performed on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis.

You can use Dynamics GP whilst an archive is running—as the archive process has been broken into smaller tasks, the SQL server is able to process other transactions that would have otherwise been in the queue for hours. However, performance may be limited as the SQL server’s capacity can be mostly used to run the archive process.

Performance will depend upon the server’s hardware specifications such as memory, processor, etc. It is therefore recommended that users check if running the archive process during business hours will still provide acceptable levels of performance for other users of Dynamics GP.


  You can archive a large dataset at times that are convenient for you, with Pause and Resume buttons allowing you to interrupt the process and resume without losing any archived data.

During the archive process, you can see:

  • Customer/Vendor number, indicating which one is currently being processed.
  • Number of customers/vendors remaining to be processed.
  • Number of tables that are going to be archived.



Company Data Archive will Archive Data from:

General Ledger

Bank Reconciliation

Receivables Management

Payables Management


Purchase Order Processing

Sales Order Processing

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