Document capture

Automate the way your Accounts Payable team handles incoming documents, from receiving and registering a document, to matching purchase orders, approving, posting, and retrieving previously processed documents.

Reduce manual data entry

OCR technology automatically transfers relevant information from purchase invoices, credit memos, and other incoming documents to the corresponding fields in Business Central.

Advanced capture

Capture the data you need by recognising lines on an invoice or credit memo, and enjoy an automated workflow for importing documents.

Order matching

Match and compare documents automatically, such as purchase invoices and credit memos with purchase orders, return orders, or return shipments.

Document approval

Approve purchase invoices and credit memos before posting them and paying vendors, and have direct access to the digital archive.

Expense management

Keep track of employee expenses in real-time, both in and out of the office; connect receipts with cash and credit card spending; and register and approve business-related and travel expenses.

Hassle free expense handling

Expense users submit expenses and send directly for approval, and approvers receive a bundled overview of expenses, forward documents, and delegate approvals.

Match transactions with expenses automatically

Import credit card transaction, reconcile them automatically with expenses, and follow up on missing expense documentation.

Create mileages

Register and submit mileage expenses in the mobile app or Expense Portal, and integration with Google Maps ensures the correct route calculation and reimbursement.

Create per diem

Utilise per diem, or daily calculations of allowances for accommodation and meals, whilst reimbursement rates, posting account, and rules are all configured in Business Central.

Automate document processes with Continia Document Capture 365

Join us in this on-demand webinar as we show you the concepts of receiving and registering vendor documents, all the way to OCR, workflows, and approvals, and then retrieve them later for auditing or reporting purposes.

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