Eliminate paper trails and distribute documents securely

EmailPro was created by Professional Advantage to eliminate paper trails by distributing documents electronically.


EmailPro allows for safe and secure distribution of electronic documents from within Microsoft Dynamics GP. Using EmailPro allows users to electronically distribute remittance advices, purchase orders and sales order processing documents, saving time and money.


EmailPro is a simple, easy to use application that integrates with Microsoft Dynamics GP  and your email system.

Features of EmailPro

  • Allows customisation of subject lines for personalisation
  • Emails remittance advices from a standard cheque or BankPro EFT run
  • Emails most sales order processing document types
  • Works with Microsoft Dynamics GP Report Writer to seamlessly integrate with existing report formats
  • Allows specific attachment file format: ASCII

Benefits of EmailPro

EmailPro will save you time and money by:

  • Eliminating the manual process of preparing remittances , sales orders and purchase orders for posting
  • Your email system handles the delivery of documents, with more certainty and faster feedback of any undeliverable documents than posted mail
  • Delivery of documents is immediate with none of the delays usually associated with the post
  • EmailPro allows for documents to be easily resent at a moment's notice
  • To set up and use, EmailPro is quick and convenient
  • Reducing the costs associated with mailing hard copy documents 


Providing our customers ongoing support is a key part of our business at Professional Advantage.

All of our Microsoft Dynamics GP and EmailPro customers can expect high quality support services through our SupportPlus program.


SupportPlus Fast Facts

  • Over 80% of support cases are closed in 2 working days
  • Support Staff have over 6 years customer support experience each
  • Fulltime dedicated resources certified in Microsoft Dynamics solutions
  • No case is closed until written confirmation is received
  • Free value adding services - webinars, user group meetings, newsletters
  • Online Support Centre for self service