Frequently Asked Questions for Dynamics GP

What is the difference between buying additional licenses now than buying additional licenses after upgrading?

If the cost of adding new users in their current older version is cheaper than if they add after they’ve upgraded to GP 2015, it would be more cost effective to purchase users now than later on. This is because the number of users they purchase in their current version will be carried over to their upgraded version anyway.

How does user authentication work in the cloud?

The solution we provide is via Citrix. So they would get a login such as pahosted\origin.user with a password. They would then connect to PA hosted as our other clients do and run the applications via Citrix.

How does the cloud do Active Directory authentication from the local environment?

Most of our clients have no Active Directory Authentication between their local Domain and the cloud. The local would be Origin and the cloud would be PA Hosted. There would be two separate logins. One for their local and one for PA Hosted.

However, you can extend the Domain Authentication to PA Hosted.

If your domain name changes once you move into the hosted environment, would GP fall over?

Affected products would be Management reporter and Web Client if being used. These would need to be reset up.

Do you have to perform year end for Analytical Accounting in Dynamics GP?

Yes, if you are using Analytical Accounting and are on Dynamics GP 2010 or higher.

What is the year end process for Analytical Accounting in Dynamics GP?

There is a process and there are some setups that need to be carried out. Contact your GP partner for details.

Do you have to perform the Fixed Assets year end before General Ledger year end in Dynamics GP?

Yes, otherwise this will cause your Fixed Assets to go into negative in future periods.

Can you migrate or convert reports to word template reports in Dynamics GP?

No, there is no migration, the reportS needs to be re-written in word templates.

Where do you insert the email addresses for Debtor and Creditor using the word template in Dynamics GP?

On the Address ID, click the internet button and you will see a To, CC and BCC.

Do you have to do the year end for Payables, Receivables and Inventory in Dynamics GP?

Certain enquiry windows display year to date and life to date values, if these windows are not used, the year end for these modules are not required to be performed.

Can the sub-ledger modules be reconciled to the General Ledger in Dynamics GP?

  1. Yes, in GP2013 there is now a Reconcile functionality for Inventory and Chequebooks.
  2. In GP2010, this is only available for Payables and Receivables.

Can depreciation be reversed in Dynamics GP?

  1. In GP2010 and prior, you can reverse one depreciation at a time.
  2. In GP2013, you can perform a mass reversal of depreciation for all assets or asset groups.

Will your Protected List Price change upon upgrading to GP 2015?

A Client is eligible for LMT (License Migration Transition) Upgrade to GP 2015 if their First Registration Date is prior October 1st, 2012. This means their Protected List Price (PLP) should be carried over to the GP 2015 configuration and they should have the same PLP because they didn’t discontinue/deactivate any modules. Even if there are modules that are part of the Starter Pack of GP 2015 that aren’t in their current older GP version, this should not change the value of their PLP.

Can you assign Analytical Accounting codes in Fixed Assets in Dynamics GP?

Yes, only is GP2013.

Why do receivable transactions remain in OPEN status when fully applied in Dynamics GP?

  1. It gives you the flexibility to un-apply or re-apply transactions.
  2. It gives you the ability to void payment transactions if incorrectly processed.

Can you change a Debtor/Creditor ID, Item Number or General Ledger account number once transactions have been posted against it in Dynamics GP?

Yes, if you have PSTL installed.

Can you make inventory items inactive in Dynamics GP?

  1. Yes, in GP2013 only.
  2. GP2010 and prior, you have to change the Inventory Type to Discontinued.
  3. GP2013, you can exclude inactive items from the item lookup.

Is there a way to run historical stock status report in Microsoft Dynamics GP?

Yes, in GP2010 and later.

Can you export debtors/creditors Trial balance into a user friendly excel format in Dynamics GP?

  1. Yes, with GP STD SSRS reports for GP2010 and higher.
  2. Modify the TB reports so that it exports correctly.

Can you copy a previous General Ledger Journal in Microsoft Dynamics GP?

Yes, using the copy function in GP2010 and later.

Can you reverse a posted General Ledger Journal in Dynamics GP?

Yes, use the Correct function.

Can you delete posted transactions in Dynamics GP?

No, depending on the module you need to either create a reversal transaction or void the transaction.

Can I assign a Tax Schedule on a General Ledger Journal in Dynamics GP?

Yes, enable the option in the Company Setup and you will see a Tax Entry button on the General Journal window.

Can you run a BAS (business activity statement) report in Dynamics GP?

Yes, enable to Australia tax in Company Setup.

Can you customise your SmartLists in Dynamics GP?

Yes, by using SmartListbuilder, but SmartListbuilder needs to be purchased as a separate add on tool.

Can you process negative lines on a Sales Transaction Entry window in Dynamics GP?

Yes, by entering a negative quantity or a negative unit price.

Can you reprint a cheque remittance in Dynamics GP?

  1. Yes, by using Bankpro in GP2010 and prior.
  2. In GP2013 this is has been included as standard functionality but the cheque remittance cannot be emailed.

Can you copy security for an existing user to a new user in Dynamics GP?

Yes, using the copy function.

Can you remove Inactive master records from lookup windows in Dynamics GP?

Yes, only in GP2010 and later.

Do you have to use Batch IDs when processing transactions in Dynamics GP?

Depending on whether post through to General Ledger is used or not.

Can you print historical Fixed Asset depreciation reports in Dynamics GP?

Yes, in GP2013

How do you show the Required Fields in Dynamics GP?

Click on Help and tick Show Required Fields.

Can you default a Dynamics GP company to log in automatically?

Yes, tick the Remember this Company tick box.

Do Fixed Assets cater for Low Value Pool in Dynamics GP?

Yes, in GP2010 and later.

Why does my General Ledger Trial Balance show zero opening balances for the current year in Dynamics GP?

Because General Ledger year end has not been performed.

Can you post General Ledger transactions after the General Ledger year end has been performed in Dynamics GP?

Can you post General Ledger transactions to Historical years in Dynamics GP?

Yes, only to the most recent Historical year.

Is there a rollover process at month end in Dynamics GP?

How do you void partially paid transactions in payables in Dynamics GP?

You have to process a transaction to full apply the transaction before you can use the Void Open and Historical transactions.

Can you unreconcile a previous Bank Reconciliation in Dynamics GP?

Do you have to do backups before running a Year End in Dynamics GP?

Why is the General Ledger posting type essential in Dynamics GP?

For Year End process  -  this determines which accounts get posted into retained earnings and which accounts get rolled over with an opening balance.

Does Dynamics GP have a payroll module?

Yes, but it is only suitable for US and Canada but not for AUS.

Can I access Dynamics GP using a web browser?

Yes, but this is available in GP2013 only.