We manage multiple companies within Infor SunSystems and I am regularly raising InterCompany entries between the entities. I am doing these manually at present, can they be automated?

Yes there are a number of automation options available but all require the use of particular Infor SunSystems modules or Professional Advantage Companion software.

To achieve this within Infor SunSystems itself you will need to be licensed for Corporate Allocations.  Whilst the name suggests other things it can be used to automate the raising or managing of intercompany entries between entities. These can be in the same database/business unit or different ones. It can also handle multi-currency intercompany entries as well.

Alternatively Professional Advantage has an InterCompany application which can manage this process and automate the intercompany transaction process.  One limitation though is that it cannot currently handle multi-currency intercompany entries.

A second Professional Advantage solution is that entries processed via JET can automatically generate intercompany transactions at the same time as processing the source transactions. These can only be done where the currency is the same between the source and target entities.