A collections management solution for Professional Advantage will boost efficiency through centralising contact and collection information and automating the collections process.

Collections Management

Collections Management2

Collections Management allows you to dramatically reduce the time spent collecting from your customers.  It makes it easy to perform activities including: tracking all of your contact with your customers, automatically assigning follow-ups and setting reminder dates.

A good Collections Management solution enables you to:

  • Pre-define your collection letters and attached invoices and send them at the press of a button
  • Drill down to the actual invoice andeasily see all of your customer communications, contact details and balance information
  • Customise powerful, easy-to-use queries on each customer
  • Set up collection plans for your customers that can prompt when the next collection action is required

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Collections Management3

If your organisation is looking for a better way to  manage cash flow and improve the collections process for Microsoft Dynamics GP or Infor SunSystems, talk to one our consultants today by calling 1800 126 499. With experts in Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney and Perth, we are well placed to meet your requirements.