Qlik Sense

In today's super fast‑paced and ultra‑competitive business environment, managers and executives are seizing on any worthwhile opportunity to gain a strategic advantage.

Increasingly, businesses are relying on Business Intelligence technology to gain new insights and   drive improved business performance. One of the most powerful, easy‑to‑use and intuitive BI tools    is Qlik Sense.

A revolutionary business application
Qlik Sense is a ground‑breaking self‑service data visualisation and discovery application developed for individuals, groups and organisations.

Enabling users to access, analyse and take action on large volumes of their organisation's data, Qlik Sense makes analytics easy and practical. Qlik Sense features a simple drag‑and‑drop interface that allows users to quickly produce personalised reports, interactive visualisations and dashboards.

Using Qlik Sense, data can be explored more deeply, connections can be exposed instantly, and new opportunities can be viewed from every angle. Qlik Sense empowers anyone in an organisation to leverage data in new ways that can translate into real bottom‑line benefits.

Smart visualisations, smart searching
The smart visualisations in Qlik Sense help you discover meaning by intelligently analysing vast amounts of complex to reveal actionable insights. Graphs and charts are wired together for deep exploration, allowing you to make discoveries and answer previously unanswerable questions.

The smart search functionality in Qlik Sense allows you to search all your data to expose relationships and find the right information quickly.

Qlik Sense mobility
Qlik Sense was developed with mobility in mind. Whether you're on a mobile phone, tablet or other touch device, the Qlik Sense user interface will intelligently adapt to give you the ideal user experience. 

With Qlik Sense, you will be able to explore data and tackle problems any time and from anywhere.

Better collaboration
You and your colleagues will be able to collaborate better than ever before with Qlik Sense. The Qlik Sense information hub offers streams of content for different topic areas or workgroups, enabling people to find important content fast, or share analyses for others to use, in an organised, controlled way.

Unleash your inner business analyst
Qlik Sense can bring out the business analyst in anyone, taking BI self‑service to a whole new level. If your organisation could benefit from new insights, faster and better‑informed decision‑making and a newfound ability to see around corners, Qlik Sense is the ideal BI application.

Qlik Sense and Professional Advantage
The Professional Advantage team of Business Intelligence consultants has an enviable track record in the planning, deployment and maintenance of BI solutions and applications for organisations of all shapes and sizes.

Our experience and expertise in the BI arena can be effectively applied to ensuring you gain the maximum return from your Qlik Sense investment. Our solution architects will work with you to ensure your Qlik Sense application integrates seamlessly with your other business systems and delivers the rewards you're seeking. And we'll be there well past the Qlik Sense go‑live date with ongoing and highly responsive guidance, support and maintenance.

To speak to one of our Business Intelligence/Qlik Sense consultants please contact Professional Advantage today on 1800 126 499.

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