Frequently Asked Questions for QlikView

What are the differences between the QlikView Server editions?

QlikView Server Enterprise Edition (EE) is available for customers looking to support a large number of users and integrate into enterprise environments. It includes features such as:

  • Unlimited documents
  • Integration with third party security systems
  • Server clustering

Small Business Edition (SBE) is designed to be used in smaller deployments. It has the following limitations:

  • For use only with Named and Document CALs
  • Limited to 25 Named User CALs
  • Limited to 100 Document CALs
  • No support for additional servers
  • Only supports Windows Active Directory to handle security and access control

Information Access Server (IAS) is an edition of QlikView Server designed to power public Internet sites:

  • Includes the add-on QlikView Real Time Server
  • Is licensed for uncapped number of user but limited to one QlikView document
  • Must be set to anonymous mode only and authentication must be off
  • Requires that the QlikView server be on the public Internet and publicly accessible
  • Requires that the URL for accessing the site powered by the QlikView Server be publicly accessible
  • Requires that no QlikView client (e.g., QlikView Desktop, Internet Explorer plug-in, Ajax) can access the QlikView Server (all user interfaces must be built by the customer manually or with QlikView Workbench)

QlikView Extranet Server (QES) is an edition of QlikView Server designed to extend QlikView functionality to external users via an extranet:

  • Requires authentication. Users must be external to the purchasing organization (customers, partners, etc)
  • Restricts server access to the Ajax client and mobile clients
  • Provides the option to customize the QlikView application via the included QlikView Workbench
  • Supports a maximum of 3 QlikView documents
  • Supports session CALs and usage CALs only


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Is there an additional licencing cost for mobile support in QlikView?

No, mobile support for most popular mobile devices such as iPad, Android, BlackBerry is supported out of the box.

Do I need a data warehouse to consolidate and link my systems for reporting in QlikView?

No, QlikView platform can load data from multiple sources and linked it automatically. If you do have a data warehouse that is fine. The data warehouse can be used as a data source.

Can multiple users work with the same QlikView document at the same time?

Yes, called collaborative sessions you can invite others to join a conversation via the phone, VOIP or during a meeting by distributing a one-time-use URL. Each participant can interact within the collaborative at the same time without having to pass control from one to the other.

Does QlikView allow you to analyse social media data from sites like Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin?

QlikView does not support analysing social media data. However, there are 3rd party API connectors available that plug into various sites including Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter.

Does QlikView integrate with Microsoft SharePoint?

Yes. The integration will improve collaborative decision making while keeping a record of how decisions were made.

Are additional licences required to hold collaborative sessions in QlikView?

No additional licences are required. Licenced users can initiate a collaborative session with anyone including a non-licenced user.