Which is better for SharePoint – Office 365 or on-premise?

The main different between Office 365 and an on-premise version of Microsoft Office is that you rent Office 365 but buy the on‑premise version. Office 365 is provided as software‑as‑a‑service and does not involve a heavy up‑front investment. With Office 365 you pay a monthly or annual subscription fee that entitles you to automatic version upgrades and Office on Demand services.

So what are our top reasons to move to Office 365?

  1. No longer invest in IT hardware or software with continuous release cycles and automatic upgrades
  2. Have access to automatic backups and geo-replicated disaster recovery.
  3. Instantly mobilise your workforce with Skype for business and offline sync for office applications.
  4. And use the latest Microsoft software and never have to do an upgrade or migration project again!

Discover more reasons why businesses are making the move to Office 365

If your preference is to own your own software, or if you're not sure you can maintain an Office 365 subscription for the long term, the on‑premise version may be your best option. However this means that when Microsoft upgrades its Office software you won't have the latest version.

If you're sure you can maintain Microsoft's Office 365 subscription the case for going with this version is very compelling.