How do I protect data in SharePoint?

Traditional security tools such as firewalls and anti-virus are no longer enough to keep your data safe against advanced and persistent cyber threats, but you can take these actions to protect your data in SharePoint.  

  • Prevent data loss.  
    Prevent accidental sharing of confidential information to the wrong people. Data Loss Prevention (DLP) policies can identify personally identifiable information across Microsoft 365 including SharePoint, emails, and OneDrive content, preventing the accidental sharing of sensitive information. You can easily set this up on your existing Microsoft 365 Enterprise plan subscription without paying extra fees. 
  • Classify and label documents.  
    Depending on the sensitivity of your content, you can classify and label documents with persistent protection regardless of whom the document was shared with or where it is stored. Azure Information Protection (AIP) is a tool in the Microsoft Security stack that provides administrators with the capability to define how content is protected using automatic or recommended classification. 
  • Detect breaches before they cause damage.  
    Much of the content being shared to and from SharePoint environments is via email communications, so having the ability to protect against malware or unsafe links used for phishing attacks becomes a basic necessity for any IT administrator. Microsoft 365 Threat and Endpoint Protection can identify and block malicious files that may otherwise end up in online libraries such as SharePoint, OneDrive and Microsoft Teams. Coupled with Cloud App Security, you have insight into the threats being targeted at your business and users in Exchange Online and SharePoint Online. 
  • Gain visibility and control of data in the cloud.  
    If your business is not yet in the cloud, your employees will be to some degree, even more so if they are working remotely or are frequently mobile. The use of Dropbox or other file sharing apps can compromise your data’s security if there is no control over what they are sharing or storing in the cloud. With Cloud App Security, you get visibility on what cloud apps are being used within your organisation and can identify the potential risks that it can bring based on up to sixty factors. 
  • Protect data on the go.  
    User credentials often get compromised and result in a security breach in your SharePoint environment and other apps when your users lose their mobile device or laptop. Protect your corporate data while allowing your users to stay productive on to go with Microsoft Intune. With it in place, you can enforce security policies, configure device settings, manage applications, and protect corporate data on both company-owned and personal devices.  

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