The worldwide adoption of public cloud services and the shift to hybrid work models have rendered perimeter-based security models obsolete. What organisations need to keep their business cybersafe is to transition to a boundaryless security, more commonly known as Zero Trust.

Zero Trust security model follows a “trust nothing, verify everything” approach where all users are required to be authenticated, authorised, and inspected, regardless of whether the users are within or outside the organisation’s networks. Access is granted based on a dynamic evaluation of the risk associated with each request. The same security checks are applied to all users, devices, applications, and data every time.


Zero Trust Pillars

Microsoft’s Zero Trust
Guiding Principles

  1. Verify explicitly. Always authenticate and authorise based on all available data points including user identity, location, device health, service or workload, data classification, and anomalies.
  2. Use least privileged access. Limit user access with Just-In-Time and Just-Enough-Access (JIT/JEA), risk-based adaptive policies, and data protection to protect both data and productivity.
  3. Assume breach. Minimise blast radius for breaches and prevent lateral movement by segmenting access by network, user, devices, and application awareness. Verify end-to-end encryption and use analytics to get visibility, drive threat detection, and improve defences.

Benefits of Zero Trust

Mitigate risks

Be prepared for breaches so you can plan for it, avoid it, and recover from it if it happens.

Empower secure remote working

Keep your people secure and productive anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Improved monitoring

Stay in control of who can access your resources by maintaining continuous monitoring of user activity.

Getting started with Zero Trust

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