Microsoft Dynamics GP Procurement

Take the guesswork out of procurement decisions: Microsoft Dynamics GP does the hard work for you.

It’s no secret that most organisations want to make faster and more accurate procurement decisions. The problem? Many lack the planning, analysis, and requirement-gathering tools to improve their current processes.

Not anymore. With Dynamics GP, you can adjust your procurement to reflect changing business needs.


Why choose Dynamics GP for procurement?
Dynamics GP helps organisations manage procurement in many ways. These include direct integration with online procurement system WorkPlace; the ability to view material requirements and vendor information; and requisition management.


Plan for future needs.
Dynamics GP gives you the tools you need to make smarter procurement decisions. Armed with material requirements planning functionality, you can plan ahead, adjust production schedules, and find the best resources for the task at hand. 


Is Dynamics GP the right procurement solution for you?
If your organisation procures goods, resources, or services, Dynamics GP can help. Its procurement features include:

  •          Ability to bring up vendor information and view material requirements.
  •          Requisition management.