Are you looking for an eProcurement solution to help increase control over your business?

WorkPlace, an eProcurement suite by Paramount Technologies, is a seamless out of the box integration platform for Microsoft Dynamics GP, Microsoft Dynamics for Finance and Operations, and other leading ERP systems.


WorkPlace provides direct ERP integration which will eliminate duplicate entry and manual errors using the following solutions:

  • Requisition.
  • Invoice automation.
  • Purchasing.
  • Inventory.
  • Project.
  • Time.
  • Expense.


WorkPlace Mobile

WorkPlace mobile application is also available for iOS and Android devices. WorkPlace Mobile will allow you to:

  • Streamline capture and processing with powerful offline capabilities.
  • Automatically synchronise transactions with your WorkPlace installation.
  • Access smart phone specific features such as your camera for reciept capture.
  • Increase productivity by capturing WorkPlace information "on the go".


WorkPlace and Microsoft Dynamics GP

WorkPlace provides Microsoft Dynamics GP a ready to deploy, scalable eProcurement solution. It incorporates many of the different features offered in Microsoft Dynamics GP and provides the following advanced integrations and interfaces:

  • Dynamics GP project series.
  • Multicurrency.
  • Analytical accounting.
  • PO commitments.
  • Encumbrance management.
  • Sales order processing.
  • DocInsite.
  • InterCompany.


WorkPlace and Microsoft Dynamics for Finance and Operations (formerly AX)

Designed for enterprise wide compatibility with technology already used in Dynamics F&O, WorkPlace's tight integration delivers scalability, fast remote access, and transaction processing.

Paramount WorkPlace provides Dynamics F&O with fully integrated multicurrency and multilanguage support, providing employees full transparency in multiple countries, resulting in increased productivity and reduced costs. 

WorkPlace Requisition 

WorkPlace eProcurement is a web based procurement solution that will allow you to automate your procure to pay cycle, from product selection, requisitioning, approval, and ordering to delivery, receipt, and financial settlement.


WorkPlace Invoice Automation

WorkPlace Invoice Automation allows invoices to be entered and captured from any location at the point of receipt for paperless processing, storage, and approval workflows. It allows for a centralised secure web based interface and process for invoice entry, matching, or check requests with integrated document capture from any location across the organisation.


WorkPlace Purchasing

WorkPlace Purchasing software is designed to complement your organisation's purchasing policies by providing a centralised, web-based interface for all purchasing activities across the organisation. Leveraging complete Vendor Contract, Project, and Budget enforcement, Workplace purchasing ensures tight cost control, compliance, and reporting analytics.


WorkPlace Inventory

WorkPlace Inventory provides immediate visibility to inventory levels on hand making supply chain management easier.


Stock requests and transfers can be originated from end users, and warehouse personnel can pick, pack, ship, and replenish stock, all with extensive approvals and workflow processes.


WorkPlace Project

The WorkPlace Project solution is fully integrated throughout the WorkPlace platform, providing multi-tier project capabilities throughout the procurement, time, and expense report processes. Whether it is to enforce capital project expense budgets or complete customer billings.


WorkPlace Time

WorkPlace Time is a web based time tracking solution for employees to enter and track work activities.


Able to accommodate multiple business reporting or payroll structures, WorkPlace Time centralises workforce activity information for detailed analytics for administrative activities, billable, and capital projects.


WorkPlace Expense

WorkPlace Expense integrates with your financial management software and gives employees an easy way to enter expenses and managers an easy way to approve them.


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