Why would I choose iPOS as my procurement system for Infor SunSystems?

iPOS integrates with Infor SunSystems. This means there is no duplication of data, there are no batch processes you need to run to make sure that items as basic as say a new chart of account code is available. Create a chart of account code in Infor SunSystems and it is available for use in iPOS immediately.

iPOS posts directly to the Infor SunSystems ledgers. If you are posting an invoice then the  previous posting entry will reverse at the same time. If the previous posting is not able to be completed, for example you have closed your analysis code half an hour ago, then iPOS won’t complete the posting. It’s that simple.

iPOS was designed specifically for Infor SunSystems so iPOS natively recognises open and closed periods and transaction dates, reference data such as account codes, analysis code and dimensions. Journal types, currencies, daily and period rates, tax codes, address record to provide just some examples of the depth of integration.

Other solutions that ‘interface’ rather than ‘integrate’ can’t offer instant validation, or instant recognition of open or closed status. Solutions that interface are only as current as the last time the batch process was run to supply the details needed. Anyone who has ever had to wade through and deal with the aftermath of the effects of a failed batch process would appreciate the benefits of a solution that integrates.