Transaction Analysis codes are being provided on my ledger imports but they are not appearing on the posted transactions in Infor SunSystems, why is this?

Posting rules for the transaction analysis dimensions is primarily controlled by the Chart of Account record settings and in some instances the Journal Type definitions.

On the Chart of Account Record there is a setting for each of the ten (10) transaction analysis dimensions which define whether a code for that dimension is required or not. There are 3 options for each setting Mandatory, Prohibited and Optional.

Mandatory means that every transaction to that account must have a code for that particular dimension category.

Prohibited means the opposite – values are not recorded on transactions to the account for the particular transaction analysis dimension. So if a transaction analysis code is supplied in an import file to an account which has the particular category requirement set to ‘prohibited’ it will ‘drop the value’ and leave the field blank. The import will not fail, but if you look at the ledger import report it will show the values it has cleared