When creating a new supplier or customer in Infor SunSystems 5 or 6 there are so many different records to be created in the process and doing them online is quite slow. Is there a quicker way to do this and along the way ensure I capture all the required data?

There are a lot of different records to be created and in a particular order as well. For example for a new supplier you need to create the address record first then the supplier/chart of account record, then bank details (if paying by eft) and then contact records (if using IPOS).  It’s not to dis-similar for Customers.

Using a combination of Excel, Q&A Excel and Transfer Desk we can help improve the process. A template can be setup in excel, prompting for all the relevant fields (from across all the required record types). Then using Data Send and Q&A XL Macros we can transfer the data into Infor SunSystems.  This can be done directly or using Import Files and Transfer Desk to update Infor SunSystems.

Note this could also be applied for maintaining customer/supplier records or other high volume static data records (eg chart of accounts, fixed assets etc)

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