ePay - faster and more accurate payments with Infor SunSystems

Faster and more accurate payments for Infor SunSystems

ePay for SunSystems provides you with automated electronic bank payments with full audit trails. ePay includes EFT, Sundry EFT and Bank Payment Services (BPAY).



  • Supports large range of bank formats for most banks in Australia, New Zealand, major Asia Pacific banks and the UK
  • Integrates with BPAY as well as eRemit to email remittance advice to suppliers
  • Functional security and ability to define your own security settings
  • Caters for GST and VAT
  • Real time update to ledgers



  • Time savings with ePay can turn a tedious monthly task into an easy daily one
  • Improve your data integrity by eliminating manual processing
  • Strengthen the security and auditability of your system


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