A survey of 1,245 planning software users has identified BI and CPM platform BOARD software as the best for planning functionality.


With 26 leading positions in the BARC Planning Survey 16, BOARD software ranked top or leading across multiple peer groups for planning functionality, reporting/analysis functionality, flexibility and self-service.


The survey authors said BOARD offers “comprehensive planning functionality for a variety of use cases,” even though it is not a pure planning solution (BOARD Software also offers business intelligence capabilities).


“Functionality like data allocation and simulation support top down planning approaches, while workflows, commenting features and the web client for plan data are available for bottom up approaches.


“Furthermore, planning models can be developed or planning forms built by business users thanks to BOARD’s ease of use.” they wrote.


Professional Advantage business development manager Jonathan Marcer said BARC’s survey findings reflect BOARDs powerful capabilities, high degree of customisation and intuitive user experience.


“BOARD software helps businesses transform their planning, analytical and reporting processes. As one of Australia’s leading BOARD software partners and a large practice with expert application consultants and a dedicated support desk, we’ve witnessed many success stories,” he said.


Key survey findings


  • BOARD is the tool most often considered for purchase by performance management specialists.
  • 59% of users would recommend BOARD to others.
  • 83% of users are ‘somewhat satisfied’ or ‘very satisfied’ with BOARD.
  • BOARD is top ranked or leading across peer groups for planning, reporting and analysis, flexibility and self-service.
  • 43% of BOARD users are planning users, compared to the survey average of 68% – reinforcing that BOARD is not only a planning tool but also offers comprehensive BI functionality.


Find out more and download the BARC report for BOARD Software


About BARC’s planning survey

BARC is an enterprise software analyst firm. Its planning survey is based on findings from the world’s largest and most comprehensive survey of planning end-users. In 2016, it surveyed 1,245 people and analysed 13 planning and budgeting products across 20 KPIs including business benefits, project success, planning functionality, flexibility, customer satisfaction and agility.


About BOARD Software

BOARD is a mid-sized to enterprise-level BI and CPM platform that supports reporting, analysis, simulation, scorecarding, dashboarding, budgeting, planning and forecasting and modeling. Its interface provides visibility across all data sources, giving organisations the information they need to make smarter decisions and unlock more value from existing technology investments. Read more about BOARD

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