The #1 ANZ BOARD Technology Software and Solution Provider.

As the leading BOARD solution provider in Australia, our team is committed to helping you leverage the leading decision-making platform. 

With over 25 years of experience implementing a range of enterprise software solutions, Professional Advantage are the market leaders in understanding and unlocking data in all your business systems. 

Our specialist consultants have on average over 10 years of experience in Performance Management, Business Intelligence and Advanced Analytics. 

BOARD and Professional Advantage - Achieve More.


BOARD Software gives you a holistic view of your organisation’s performance. It’s a mid-size to enterprise-level BI and CPM platform that supports:

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"Among the data we collect are key indicators of what’s going on in the marketplace. We know managers are seeing this information and don’t need to rely solely on gut feel."

Finance & Operations Manager, Suntory Australia


Build BOARD expertise and self-sufficiency with our Training and Hack Days. 

Join Professional Advantage's Training and learn from industry experts and build skills on your decision making platform.

Take part in our Hack Days designed to facilitate knowledge transfer. Work with your peers and our experts and put your skills in to action to deploy business-ready solutions within your platform.


One interface for everything

Knowledge is power. But do your organisation’s finance and operations systems provide the insights needed to stay competitive?

Get a complete view of what’s happening in your organisation. One interface provides visibility across all data sources, giving you the information you need to make smarter decisions and unlock more value from existing technology investments.

The Toolkit approach

With BOARD’s Toolkit approach, you can easily build and configure objects that automatically synchronise with the data delivering a self-service environment for immediate answers to questions. BOARD Software’s drag-and-drop user interface make it easy to create custom reports, dashboards and applications without coding or programming. If you can use formulas and functions in Microsoft Excel, you can build your own data analysis applications using BOARD Software’s toolkit.

Board software


Get answers when you need them. BOARD Software automatically synchronises new information to ensure your data remains consistent, relevant and traceable.

BOARD takes decision making to a new high. It offers a cloud and web experience, combined with robust security and ease of administration to deliver key benefits to business users and IT Professionals.

View information in a way that makes sense to you

BOARD Software delivers a fully customised experience. Pull data from any source, generate reports and export into formats including CSV and HTML. BOARD Software’s dashboard application offers drill-down and drill-through functionality, as well as several data visualisation options. 

View reports and dashboards on the go with BOARD Software’s iPad and Windows applications. With offline access and a consistent user experience, switching from desktop to mobile is seamless.

Board at a glance

Board at a glance
Support - Board Software

The Right Support

Delivering a great business intelligence and CPM solution requires more than just a good product. You need talented consultants who understand your organisation’s unique business challenges, and who won’t abandon you once the solution goes live.

All Professional Advantage BOARD Software customers receive ongoing support so we can make sure they get maximum value from their investment. Whether you’re looking for Board consulting services in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane or Perth, Professional Advantage has the local presence to help. 

To find out more about how BOARD Software can help your organisation make better business decisions, call 1800 126 499 today.

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