BOARD International is proud to announce the release of BOARD 8, the company's most innovative solution to date.


"BOARD 8 is a major milestone in our continuing efforts to improve the market's only fully integrated business intelligence & performance management solution", says Giovanni Grossi - CEO of BOARD International. "With BOARD 8 we are adding major new features that will significantly improve the way people in an organisation find and use information to make better decisions, and thus improve business performance."


BOARD 8 is not only a tectonic shift in the capability to search, consume and analyse information across the organisation, but also a radical innovation in how it is delivered.


With the introduction of search based data discovery, personal dashboards, data fast tracks, and a new drag and drop user interface, BOARD 8 makes gaining access to the right information easier, faster and more effective for everyone.


This powerful combination of new BOARD 8 features acts at all the different levels within the solution: the new fast track function allows immediate creation of data models; the integrated search empowers users to easily explore data, metadata and applications and to use the results as navigation drivers for further explorations. Finally, the new pinBoard, enables users to save their findings and to create their own personal analysis environments.


This virtuous cycle does not simply change what the users can do, but drastically transforms and enhances how they can do it.


Furthermore, thanks to the native business intelligence and performance management unification, this new capability extends to every type of analytic application built with BOARD, closing the gap between the individual need for self-service analysis, and the organisational necessity to have a shared vision of the truth throughout the whole enterprise.


The cutting-edge capability to combine personal and organisational productivity, injecting information intelligence into the decision making processes, highlights once more the importance of BOARD's unified approach to business intelligence and performance management - a solution only BOARD can offer.


To learn more about BOARD, visit the Professional Advantage BOARD page.

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