Choices are great, but having too many can drastically slow down the decision-making process. For many organisations there is a profound disconnect between their financial plans and the operations of their business. Planning is not a priority; it can be badly designed, misunderstood, and often poorly executed.

Planning and forecasting encourages organisations to establish guidelines for developing operational and financial plans. It aligns strategic and financial intentions, rationalises the key corporate objectives, and translates these into tangible and achievable targets. 

How enterprise planning and forecasting software will help you

Peace of mind

Load and combine data from multiple applications. No export/import, copy/paste between spreadsheets. The benefit: clean, accurate data with drill-down and traceability.

Earn back time

If you are struggling to keep up with your workload, planning tools save you time. Data is readily available for analysis, drill-down, and simulation, to answer your business questions. Time is gained from less checking and reconciling between spreadsheets.

Fun at work

Collaboration and accountability are great team builders. With seamless Microsoft Office integration, you can update, link, and share tables and charts to Word documents and PowerPoint slides. No need to email reports, and less disputes about the latest version.

All for one

Technology provides a pathway for the many units within your business to finally come together and plan as one organisation. It helps break down silos and bring teams together. A collective planning approach increases efficiency and helps improve outcomes.

Predictive insight

Machine learning, forecasting, simulation, clustering, statistical functions, scenario modelling; empower users to identify patterns and trends, to then take the necessary action to maximise opportunities and minimise risk.

Still love Excel?

Not a problem! Microsoft Office integration allows users to directly access reports within Excel. A live link to the source data allows users to change figures and analysis dimensions, and to drill down further while maintaining data integrity.

Our software solutions

Ranked by users as one of the top cloud CPM solutions in the world, Solver is built for the rapidly evolving demands of companies aspiring to thrive in the current marketplace. Solver provides a single, cloud-based solution that automates reporting, consolidations, and budgeting and forecasting processes, and supports faster and better decisions based on key information from across your organisation’s data sources.

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Kepion Planning is a breakthrough technology built on the Microsoft Business Intelligence (BI) Platform that lets you integrate all your Corporate Performance Management (CPM) planning, budgeting, forecasting, and reporting deliverables into one solution. Kepion empowers end users to build apps for reporting and analysis needs in a matter of minutes, fostering enhanced decision making with self-service capabilities that allow quick navigation of the data that matters.

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