How is your organisation really performing?

Poorly executed strategies and missed opportunities cost Australian businesses millions of dollars each year. That’s bad news for businesses – but it’s even worse news when you consider many will make the same mistakes again. 

It’s easy to do. Forecasting performance, learning from past mistakes and executing plans become difficult when you don’t have the right technology to help. If this sounds familiar, your organisation might need a corporate performance management (CPM) solution. 


Decisions based on data

Make decisions based on data

Make quicker and more informed business decisions by viewing the latest data insights in one place. Once you have a clear picture of your organisation’s performance, you can set new directions and drive behaviours that support your organisation’s goals.  

Considering a Enterprise Planning and Forecasting Solution?

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Leverage existing investments

Don’t rip out and replace your current IT infrastructure to make way for new software. Professional Advantage’s customised CPM solutions draw on data from your existing technology investments to unlock additional value. 

leverage existing investments

Our Applications

Whether your organisation needs business intelligence, analytics, strategy, reporting, planning or compliance, we can develop a solution that meets your requirements. Our CPM solutions are based on two technologies:

BOARD Software

BOARD Software

CPM meets business intelligence in one powerful, self-service product. It’s suitable for medium to large organisations and can be used to track performance across areas including marketing, HR and supply chain management.

Infor BI

Infor BI is a Corporate Performance Management platform that incorporates Business Intelligence capabilities to support  finance, operations and sales and measure performance using analytics, dashboards, planning, budgeting and forecasting. 

why professional advantage

Why Professional Advantage?

We help organisations understand their business data and monitor and manage their  business performance in order to drive long-term success. Leading organisations choose Professional Advantage to deliver enterprise performance applications led by a team of CPM Consultants with more than just the technical know-how, but also industry expertise. This means we understand budgeting and reporting in practical terms to better supply, deploy and support market-leading CPM solutions across Australia.

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To find out how your organisation can benefit from corporate performance management tools, speak to a Professional Advantage consultant in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane or Perth. Contact us today on 1800 124 499. 

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