Getting started with Power BI

Are you looking to kick-off a Power BI Project?

Have you started a Power BI project and you are not sure what your next step is?

A little help and direction from an experienced consultant may be all that is required to get you on the right track. It can really make a big difference. Our experienced Power BI consultants can work with you to assess your current use of Power BI and highlight to you what is possible and map out how to best achieve your objectives.

Who is this Workshop for?

The list below includes some of the most common roles we work with on a regular basis, but sessions can be tailored depending on the roles and level of Power BI skills.

 Business analysts  | Operations Managers  |   Finance Managers   |  Business Executives  |  Information Workers

The Agenda

This is the typical agenda that we follow, however we will adapt this to meet the requirements of your organisation.



Understanding of current state of reporting and the pain points you are experiencing.



Discuss your organisation's reporting requirements and objectives.



Explore next steps in your Power BI journey.


At the conclusion of the assessment you will receive:

• A summary of recommended next steps for your Power BI journey.
• Answers to any questions you have about Power BI functionality.
• Practical ideas of how you can achieve more with Power BI for your organisation.
• Identify the steps to advance BI reporting.
Define pathways to accelerate data visualisations in your organisation.

Power up your Power BI decision-making data today.

Mutual Investment

1-hour Complimentary Assessment. 
Invest 1 hour of your time. One of our BI consultants will compliment that with 1 hour of their time to help you on your Power BI journey.

This session is delivered remotely.

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