What is PerformancePlus?

PerformancePlus supports users to interact with applications and processes in the right way. This maximises the value of your technology investments, fosters user adoption and helps teams manage complex processes.

PerformancePlus is an easy-to-use tool that works with any application or process. Like a GPS, PerformancePlus software knows exactly where you are in a process or application. By following you as you move through the application, PerformancePlus is always ready to provide relevant and useful guidance. PerformancePlus works with almost any Windows or web-based application. It documents applications up to 90 percent faster than other tools.

With PerformancePlus, you can:

Document applications and processes with speed and ease.

Access real-time performance support from any application.

Create and share processes across locations and teams.

Streamline end of year processes, records management and record capture.

Who uses PerformancePlus?

Performance Plus is ideal for process-driven organisations like:

Health providers

Government agencies



How PerformancePlus works

Create with Author

PerformancePlus captures work processes and functions. With a powerful screen capture engine, it follows activities work processes to generate detailed screen captures and instructions. You can use this content to create in-depth Word and PDF documents and video demos.

Manage with Publisher

PerformancePlus Publisher oversees and manages all captured and documented content. It lets users manage content at all stages - from work in progress, editing and QA through to publishing and release. Publisher also makes it simple to manage content, users and contributors. This includes content authors, and QA teams reviewing the raw documentation.

Deliver with Advisor

PerformancePlus Advisor is the delivery mechanism for performance support. Advisor ensures that help is only two clicks away. Users can access contextual support like documents and interactive videos without leaving the application. Give end users the answers they need, when they need them most.

Other features and functionality

Works with any application or process.

Easy to use - Built on familiar Microsoft products like Word and Paint.

Access contextual support without leaving the application.

Considering PerformancePlus?

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PerformancePlus statistics

See a measurable return on investment.

Faster than competitor products.

Reduced helpdesk volume.

Possible return on investment.

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